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Deadline of Aadhar Linking is shifted || Know new Dates here

The Supreme Court has extended the date of linking the Aadhaar card to the mobile number and bank account, giving great relief to the common people. According to reports, the Supreme Court on Wednesday extended the date of linking the Aadhar card with the mobile number and passport along with the bank accounts during the hearing in this case indefinitely. After this, the Aadhaar card will only be required for subsidy.

Explain that the government has kept the last date 31 March for linking the base no. To all of them. The bench of Chief Justice Deepak Mishra in the Supreme Court on Wednesday said during the hearing on the matter that till the case is run, the common people will be able to link their base no. The government can not demand it to make it necessary.
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Earlier, during the hearing on Tuesday, the government had said in the Supreme Court that as time goes on in the Supreme Court, hearing of the case related to the basis of the case is complete, so the time limit can be increased. The Supreme Court also agreed on this argument.
Explain that the Supreme Court is hearing different petitions filed on Aadhaar card and there is a petition on Right to Privacy. Earlier, the Supreme Court had termed the Right to Privacy as a fundamental right. In case, through the Aadhaar card, it has also expressed the possibility of receiving personal information.
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Mohammed Shami's wife Hasin Jahan went to Police Headquarters to register her complaint.

Hasin Jahan wife of Indian cricket team's fast bowler Mohammed Shami, has accused him of having illegal relations with many girls and accused of domestic violence. A post related to Haseen Jahan's Facebook page has also been made,

 in which screenshot of WhatsApp Have been done. These screenshots are being told to talk to Shami's other girls. Shami's wife Hasin told the media, "In Shami's car, I got a phone, which he kept hidden, somehow I unlocked the phone When I saw a chat in the phone, I sensed a lot, Shami used to chat with many girls, she had been working for several months, recently when she was returning from South Africa, one day in Dubai Any girl While staying in the hotel, the rest of the fellow players had come to India. "Haseen said further," In February, he met a Pakistani girl at the airport, where he stayed with the girl on February 18 in the hotel. He has links to girls from Nagpur, Pune, Indore and Bangalore too, whenever he is in these cities, he calls the girls in the hotel. When I asked him about this, he threatened me and said that he should leave her. Gao and marry another girl. "Hassin has made serious allegations against Shami," He used to torture me. He is deceptive. I will not divorce him till the last breath, I have many proofs with whom I will drag him into court.Oh, mo. Shami cleared the allegations made by his wife on Twitter. He wrote, 'Hi, I mo. Shami All the news about our personal life, all the news is going on, it is all a lie. There is a big conspiracy against us or an attempt to defame me. There is also an attempt to spoil my game. 'It is important that Hasin and Shami had a love match. His first meeting took place during an IPL match in 2012. Shami is said to have liked Hasin at first sight. For a while, both of them dated each other. After this, he was married to a five-star hotel in Moradabad-Delhi Road. Selected people participated in the marriage.

NASA is sending a probe to sun,you can send your names with them,know here

Scientists from around the world are trying to reach into remote space. Human steps have reached the moon. Now there is a plan to set up a human habitation. Along with this, preparations are on to bring humans to Mars. Meanwhile, the American space agency NASA is considering such a possibility for people, through which people can send their names to the sun. It would be possible through a space research vehicle called Parker Solar probe. Work on this plan to launch this vehicle this year is going on.

Hard deed
According to NASA scientist Thomas Jubbershen, the sun is the brightest star in the universe, around which nine planets revolve. Reaching it is not possible for both human and science. But we scientists can bring your name to sun. Stretching the sun's heat and the dangerous radiation spread around it, your name will be transported very close to Suraj's environment.

The probe will fly 59 lakh km
The NASA Space Research Vehicle Parker Solar probe used to be similar to a small car. This vehicle will reach 59 million km. The maximum speed of this vehicle will be 6.92 lakh km per hour. NASA Professor Thomas said that this means that it will not take even a minute to get to Washington from Tokyo. This vehicle will travel straight into the sun's atmosphere. The purpose of this mission is to know how energy and heat constitute a circle around the sun

You can send your names to NASA till 27 April
According to Thomas, people interested in sending their name to Suraj can send their name to NASA by April 27, 2018. These names should be sent online. People's names will be written on microchip. This microchip will be sent to the Sun near the Sun. After going around this microchip will revolve around the sun.


List of Countries have most Army strength | Check where we stands

A list of the powerful forces from around the world has been released by Global Firepower. This list places 133 countries of the world. In this list, where US forces are the most powerful in the world, China is number Two. India is at number four in this list. India has been number four in this list for the last three years. The neighboring country is Pakistan's number 13th. Global Fire Power on this list says that our aim is to assess armies in such a way that they are technically rich and compete with other countries.
Top 10 Powerful Armies

America number one and China number two
List of US number one, China number two, Russia number three and then India's number. France is the fifth military after the country of France This is followed by the names of UK, Japan, Turkey, Germany and some such countries. Pakistan was last included in the top 15 countries' armies.
3rd party images

At the same time, China has retreated from Russia to second place. China now has more navy ships and aircraft than Russia. However, Russia have upper hand on China in terms of tanks.

These included military resources, natural resources, industry and geographical conditions besides manpower. Both India and China have been given more numbers than the rest of the country.

India, Pakistan and China
According to Global Fire Power estimates, India is far ahead of China compared to military forces. Where India has 4,207,250 military forces, China has only 3,712,500 But China is heavily burdened with India due to the number of active soldiers. China has 2,260,000 active troops, while India has 1,362,500 active trup├ęs. The number of Reserve Troops in India is 2,844,750, while China has only 1,452,500 Reserve Troops.

Nuclear Weapons Not Included

Jio give 10 GB data to user know more

Reliance Jio has given 10 GB free data to its users. Jio TV received the respect of Global Mobile Awards 2018, after which jio shared this happiness with its customers and announced to give them 10 GB free data. Jio has announced to give their users 10GB free data via messaging. You are explaining this free data in detail. Let me tell you how can you use this free data?

Jio user gift
Reliance Jio has given 10 GB of data as a gift to its users. Jio has given this information to its users via SMS. In his message, jio has written that jio TV has won the Best Mobile Video Content Award in the Mobile World Congress. Jio has thanked your customers for this success and said that for your enthusiasm, we are giving complimentary data of 10 GB in your account. Get it as free data
These free data from jio are only for Price Mubs. Jio users can use this free data for Geo TV. To use this free data you will have to check in the jio app's MY PLANS and check it. Let us know that these data are automatic, which will automatically be added to your account, but if you have not received this data then you can complain about it.

If you have not got this free data from jio, you can get this free data by giving Missed Call toll free number 1299. Let you know that these data is for a limited time which you can use for live TV.


How to kyc on phone pe

If you use PaytM, Olamoney, jio Money, Mobikwik, Freecharges, Airtel Money or any e-wallet, then you have a good news. Before February 28, you should get KYC in any case. Let us know that the Reserve Bank of India has refused to raise its deadline. Read the next slide in the RBI's new guide line. RBI says that if you do not do KYC till 28th February, your wallet will not sink. The money kept in e-wallet will be as much as it is and you will be able to use it as well. You can send that money to your bank account, but only if you want to transfer money from one e-wallet to another e-wallet, you will get a problem. Then KYC details will be asked for you. The user who wants to get full KYC has to submit identity card, address details with one of his photographs. Please tell that 50% of e-wallet companies have not been able to complete the KYC of the customers.



Step 2  click/tab wallet top up

Step 3 for aadhaar card click on verify with aadhaar

Than agree the term and conditions 

Step 4 fill the Aadhaar no and you get an otp on register no with aadhaar caed fill that otp you done your verified by aadhaar 

Method 2
If you don't have a aadhaar card so you have many other options to verify like driving licence, voter id caed etc
All be same that pictures 

And do following activities 


All plans of Jio failing in front of this plan of Vodafone will get 4.5GB free data every day

Vodafone, the world's largest and India's second largest company, has given a tough fight to Jio from its new plan. The company has offered its customers to deliver 4.5GB free data free data every day.
Let us tell you that with the move to Jio's Indian market, other telecom companies had to make changes in their plans.
In front of the cheap internet of Jio, the bankruptcy of other telecom companies came out, while many telecom companies either closed or bought them by a large company.
Vodafone announces Rs 799 plan

This time Vodafone has launched a plan of 799 rupees for the plan to compete with Geo's 799 rupees plan.
In this new plan of the company, customers will get 4.5GB high-speed free data for everyday use. The validity of this plan will be 28 days, where the customer will have to use total 126GB 4G data.
In this plan of the company, the customer will get 100 SMS for unlimited voice calls as well as daily usage. At the same time, in this plan of Geo, customers get 5GB high speed data per day.


How to book free Reliance Big TV connection

There is a big bang in the DTH industry. You have the opportunity to enjoy free set-top boxes and free HD channels for one year. Free is because whatever money you give will get you back through cashback.
A statement issued by the company said that free internet is being started from Wednesday. Not only will this get entertainment content but education content will also be underlined. Under this offer, you will get many pay channels including HD for one year free of charge and up to 500 FTA channels will be available for 5 years free. The company said that keeping in mind the vision of Digital India of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the company has launched it.

To avail this offer, you will need to book a pre-booking of the Reliance Big TV set-top box and its outdoor unit (ODU). For this, you can call 18002009001 or book through the official website. This cell has started from March 1. This is a limited period offer. After 30 days of booking, the set-top box and the delivery of outdoor units will begin.

How to Port Aircel Number To Vodafone | Follow these steps

If you are facing call drops in Aircel network Then it is because many telecom company not providing interlinking to Aircel network. Because aircel is going to Default at any time. So it is better to Port your number to other network.
aircel:3rd party img

If you want to port Prepaid number

1) First,  open your message box and type PORT space and your 10-digit mobile number. Here's an example, suppose your mobile number is 91XXXXX777, they your message should be - PORT 91XXXXX777. Send this message to 1900.
2) Once you send the  message, you will get two Message in return. Once, for the confirmation that you are willing to port your number and second message will come a few hours later with a Unique Port Code (UPC) [note: UPC last for 30days]
3) In case you are porting a prepaid Aircel number to Vodafone Prepaid SIM, visit the nearest Vodafone store along with your Aadhaar Card and other supporting documents such as address proof.
4) Provide your porting code UPC and document to the store. Once you submit all these details, you will get a new Vodafone SIM with same number.

If you want to port Postpaid number

1) Call the Vodafone customercare or visit the nearest store  to select the best plan for you and confirm details.
2) vodafone will send a representative to you at your convenient time
3) Provide Aadhaar details & UPC code to Vodafone representative. He will give you a new Vodafone SIM card


Sridevi last farewell happen successfully with state honor

Bollywood's famous actress Sridevi is being given the final farewell with the state honor. Sree Devi's body is wrapped in a tricolor. Sridevi was decorated like a bride in a red-colored Banarasi sari for the last farewell. According to artists coming to pay homage, the body of Lord Sree Devi has been decorated like a bride. The demand has been filled up. Lipstick is also on the red dot and lips on the forehead. Mogra flowers have also been decorated. His body is being wrapped in a tricolor from the celebration club. In his final trip, in which vehicle his body is being taken, Arjun Kapoor, Boney Kapoor and Mohit Marwah are aboard. Thousands of Sridevi fans are walking along the vehicle. Green Aces Complex has canceled the celebration of Holi celebration in honor of the late actress.

Sridevi's wish was fulfilled

Special preparations were made for the last farewell. Like Sridevi's aspiration is being done exactly like that. This was the last wish of Sridevi that he should be given the last farewell with white flowers and this is the reason why the trousers decorated with white flowers have been prepared for their last appearance. To give the last farewell to Sridevi, the white flowers have been decorated. The truck on which Sredi's body will be kept is also painted with white color.

Bollywood celebrities paid tribute

Prior to the celebration of the last actress Sridevi, outside the celebration sports club of Lokhandwala Complex and paid tributes to her, thousands of ordinary people gathered with Bollywood celebrities and well-known figures. Among the first people to appear for the first time, Sreerdevi's first directorial debut included Rekha, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Arbaaz Khan, Madhuri Dixit Nene, Akshay Khanna, Tabu, Farah Khan, Nitin Mukesh, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Vidya Balan, Sushmita Sen, Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar, Madhur Bhandarkar, Deepika Padukone, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Farhan Akhtar, Hema Malini, Jaya Bachchan, John Abraham, Sulbha Arya, Ajay Devgan and Kajol were among the celebrities. Most people were wearing goggles and kept a flower or a small bouquet in hand. They were giving solace by embracing Sridevi's family members.


Priya prakash varrior sing a song for sridevi View the song

 sridevi shocked to everyone about her death,  across the all over  india. Priya prakash varrior sing a song for her memories kabhi alvida na kehna
Sridevi pass away 24 Feb in dubai.

Priya Prakash Varrier, who became an overnight internet sensation sing a song pass a message that history never say goodbye history says see you later

Nagaland and Meghalaya Elections 2018 Live Updates: 38 percent in Nagaland till 11 o'clock and 20 percent

Voting has started in two North-Eastern states of Meghalaya and Nagaland and will run till four o'clock in the evening. Polling in some polling booths in remote districts of Nagaland will end at three o'clock. Both states have 60-60 assembly seats, but in both the states, voting is going to 59 seats. In Meghalaya, the election on the WilliamMannagar seat has been canceled because of the death of NCP candidate Jonathan N Sangma in an IED blast in East Garo Hills district. NDPP chief Nefiyo Rio has been declared unopposed from the North Angami Second Assembly seat in Nagaland. Election results in both the states and Tripura will be announced on March 3.

- 38 percent in Nagaland till 11 pm and 20 percent in Meghalaya

- Meghalaya Governor Ganga Prasan cast vote

- Bomb explosion, one person injured in a polling booth during Nagaland assembly elections

- 16 percent voters in Meghalaya and 17 percent in Nagaland

- PM Narendra Modi tweeted the people of Meghalaya and Nagaland to vote in large numbers in the assembly elections.

Madhya Pradesh: Counting of votes for Kolaras and Mungawale assembly by-elections

Encouraged by the formation of the government in Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh, the BJP is now trying to spread its foot in Nagaland and Meghalaya. The results of elections for the Congress in Meghalaya will be important as the state has been in power for the past 10 years.

Karnataka Election: Amit Shah's '3-D' vs Rahul Gandhi's 'Pokoda-Bhagoda'

Only 59 seats out of the 60-member assembly will be voted. Here, 370 candidates are trying their luck. BJP has fielded candidates in 47 Assembly constituencies and Congress has fielded candidates in 59 assembly seats. 32 women candidates will also cast their ballots in the electoral field. 67 women polling stations and 61 model centers have been set up for the first time. 18.4 lakh voters will vote on more than 3,000 polling booths.

Only 60 out of the 60 assembly seats will be cast. This time 11 political parties are not contesting the assembly elections. The BJP will contest the remaining 20 seats in the remaining seats. Congress candidates will contest 18 seats. Congress has been in power three times since the formation of the state in 1963. There are 11,91,513 total voters in the state. The number of 6,01,707 male voters is 5,89,806 female voters.

Knock on opposing looting in public place Fearless of criminals in the country's capital

It is estimated that the lives of the people in the capital city of Delhi have become so cheap and how proud the culprits are. It can be imposed by the fact that in the public place, a young man was surrounded by buses and looted and robbed Attacked with a knife when opposed.

Let me tell you that on a Sunday when a couple came to the zoo, the zebraas attacked with a knife while coming off the cluster bus. Amarjit's brother's mobile phone was screwed up 25 year old Amarjeet was injured in the attack Amarjit died on Monday.
Amarjit's wife was caught following a scoundrel. The other was caught by the public and the third was arrested by the police on Sunday night. The names of arrested criminals are Suraj, Sumit and Ajit. Suraj had knocked Amarjeet
The victim's family lives in the village of Nilothi in western Delhi.


Two report are come fornt about die of sridevi.

After the death of Bollywood legend Sridevi, several reports related to his last moments are coming out. The surprise thing is that different reports are coming out in every report. Dubai newspaper, Khaleej Times believed that while her daughter Sister Devi died, her husband Bonnie Kapoor was with her. At the same time another report is being claimed that the body of Sridevi was first seen by the hotel waiter.
What does Khalija Times report say?

According to the report of the Khaleej Times, Sridevi's husband Bonu Kapoor went to Dubai on Saturday evening to give her wife a surprise dinner. Bonnie reached Dubai at 5.30 pm in the evening. When he went to the room, Sridevi was sleeping. Boney Kapoor woke up Sridevi and the two talked to each other for about 15 minutes, after which Boney Kapoor asked him to walk to dinner.
Sridevi did not open the door of the washroom
Further in the report of Khaleej Times it was said that Sridevi went to the washroom to be prepared before dinner with her husband. When there was no bar from Sridevi's Washroom for about 15 minutes, Boney Kapoor knocked on the door of the washroom. When no voice came from the other side of the door, Boney Kapoor opened the door of the washroom with great effort. Inside, Sridevi was unconscious in a water-laden bathtub.

Boney Kapoor himself did the phone to Dubai Police
Boney Kapoor tried to bring Sridevi to the senses but when she did not get conscious, Boni Kapoor called her friend. According to the Khaleej Times, Boney Kapoor called the Dubai Police at around 9 pm, after which the medical staff reached the spot to the hospital with Sridevi where he was declared dead. All this goes up to 9.30 pm. While a Dubai-based newspaper has published the report about the last moments of Sridevi, the whole weekend starts at 10.30 AM.

This claim made in the second report
The second report claims that Sridevi was alone in the last minute in the hotel room. At around 10.30 pm, he called the Roomside to water the water. In about 15 minutes when the waiter reached the room of Sridevi by taking water, Sridevi did not open the door of the room even after playing Bell several times. The waiter was worried by not opening the door of Sridevi and he played an alarm. When the staff hearing the alarm opened the door, they saw that Sridevi fell on the floor of the bathroom.

Sridevi hospital staff taken to hotel staff
It is reported in the report that Sridevi's beats were going on at that time. The hotel staff immediately took them to Rashid Hospital in Dubai, where the doctor declared Sridevi dead. It is not yet known which report is correct in both, nor has any member associated with Sridevi's family has commented on these reports so far.


Sridevi takes her last breath in Dubai and left her fans in shock

Bollywood actress Sridevi has died from heart attack. Sridevi went to Dubai to attend Mohit Marwah's wedding, which is a relative of Kapoor family. At the same time, he died of sudden heart attack. In Dubai, along with Sridevi, her husband Bonnie Cooper and her younger daughter were happily together while the elder daughter Jahnavi Kapoor is in Mumbai due to the shooting of the film.

After listening to this news, the whole Bollywood is in shock. As soon as his death was reported, his fans on social media did not believe it.

Sanjay Kapoor has confirmed this news.


India test new missile attack 2000 km distance enemy


 India has already added the intermediate range ballistic missile to the army and now there is talk of adding another Missile fire 2. This missile can carry a nuclear weapon and kill even a medium distance. This missile was tested today (Tuesday) from Odisha Abdul Kalam Island.

Testing of Agni 2 missile

This missile is going to hit the surface from the surface, which weighs 17 tons and its length is 20 meters and it can kill 2,000 kilometers. According to the information, the country tested the Agni 2 missile that hit the medium-range of the ability to carry nuclear weapons from Abdul Kalam Island of Odisha coast today. This missile capable of killing up to 2000 kms. According to defense sources, the launch of this missile from Surface-to-surface Surveillance was launched from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) on a mobile launcher at around 8.00 am in the morning. This launch was launched from Launch Complex-4.

Agni-2 intermediate range ballistic missile is already included in the army
He said that Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM) has already been included in the army. Today (Tuesday) was tested by the Army's Strategic Forces Command (SFC), in which DRDO helped him. Twenty-meter-long Agni 2 ballistic missile weighs 17 tons and it can carry a thousand kilo-oh armor with a range of up to 2000 kilometers.

Let us know that the Agni-2 Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM) was tested in 2014. Defense services have already been included in it. This is part of the training exercise done with the equipment provided by Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO).

Agni 1 was also tested by Odisha.
In November 2016, Agni 1 was successfully tested from Odisha coast. This 700 km Can kill This test was carried out from the test range located on the coast of Odisha.


Priya prakash the internet sensation reached to SC

The Malayalam actress Priya Prakash Warriar filed a petition in the Supreme Court on Monday to cancel the case registered against her. Priya's lawyer has appealed to the court that her petition should be heard as soon as possible. The reason for the case on Priya is 'Manikya Malurai Puvi', a song from his film "Oru Adar Love". Many organizations have accused the song of hurting religious sentiments. In this case Priya and director of the film have also filed a case in Telangana and Maharashtra. Please tell that Priya Warrior has become viral on social media since the release of this song. His film is about to be released at the end of the year.

What was said in the petition?

- The petition said - "The people who filed the case have misinterpreted the song. It depicts love between the Prophet Muhammad and his first wife. The Muslim community of Kerala has been singing this song for 40 years and now it is being seen as an insult to the Prophet and his wife. "

What complaint was made against Song?

Some people in Hyderabad had lodged FIR with Falaknuma police. It was said in the complaint that the way in which the wife of Prophet Mohammed has been mentioned in Lyrics, it is objectionable.
- The person who filed the FIR had told Lyrics to hurt the feelings of the Muslim community. He warned to remove the song from the movie or change its words.
- On this, the police had said about taking the opinion of Muslim religious leaders on the song. The police had said that if something really objectionable in the song, then he will take action.
Besides this, Raja Akademi of Mumbai also complained about this song from the police and the censor board. The complainants had said that the song hurt the Muslim sentiments.

What was the movie director's statement?
- Omar Lulu said that there is nothing objectionable in this song.
- According to the reports, Omar Lulu said - This is a very common song to be sung at wedding ceremonies in Malabar area. We came to know through media that the complaint has been made against it. This song is being sung continuously since 1973. There is nothing objectionable about Prophet Mohammad in this song.

Who is Priya ?
- Priya is a Malayalam actress. Within two days of the film's release, he became the most searched person on the Internet. Now he has 23 lakh followers on the Instagram. Priya South's actress considers Nayantara as her idol. Song Manikya Malrai Puvi has seen more than 15 million people on YouTube. Oru Adar Love is Priya's debut film and before that she has worked in three short films. He has participated in some Beauty Pigments and he has also taken training in Mohiniattam. Priya is becom, and her father, Light Warrior, works in Central Excise. Priya was born in Thrissur. His early education took place in Mumbai.

What is Manikya Malari Pu Song?

- Priya Prakash and Roshan Abdul Raouf are seen in Manikya Malarai Pu Song. During this, Priya Rauf seems to be winking. Both school students are seen in the dress. This song is composed by Shan Rahman and Vineet Srinivasan has given voice.


PNB Scam:- CBI will seek help from the US

The Punjab Government has encroached the siege of the accused in the Rs 11,400 crore Maha Gholala in Punjab National Bank. The Ministry of External Affairs suspended the passports of the main accused, Neerav Modi and Mehul Chowk. The CBI has sought Interpol's help to detect and arrest them.
Meanwhile, the CBI expressed hope that the location of the accused will be known soon. The news is that Neerav Yadav could run the US with his family. In this, the CBI will seek help from the US.
CBI has released Interpol's "Defusion Notice" against Modi, his wife Amy and business partner Mehul Chowkis. This notice is issued to arrest and arrest any person in the member countries of the Interpol (International Police). The CBI had issued a lookout notice against all these on January 29, but they had left the country in the first week of January.
On Friday, ED and CBI conducted raids on 61 locations of Neerav Modi and Vigil. After the new complaint received on February 13 of PNB, the CBI registered a fresh FIR against the custodian, its three companies, directors of these companies and two bank officials on Thursday late evening.
After this, the CBI raided
26 bases of vigilance and Nirv Modi on Friday. While registering the case of money laundering on the basis of CBI's FIR, the ED searched on 35 places.

Seized property worth Rs 549 crore

During the raids, the ED seized jewelery, gold, diamonds and book value of Rs 549 crore on Friday. Thus book value of total confiscated fixed assets reached Rs 5649 crores. ED's movable assets worth Rs. 5100 crore were seized on Thursday.
ED has issued an order to stop sale of Neerav Modi's four showrooms abroad. Nirav Modi's head office located in New York, London, Macau and Beijing, has been issued instructions that no single item is to be sold in it.

Inquiries from PNB officers

The CBI team inquires from PNB four officers throughout the day. Among them, between May 2015 and October 2017, between May 2015 and October 2017, the Chief Manager was Betu Tiwari, Sanjay Kumar Prasad, assistant general manager between May 2016 and May 2017, between May 2015 and July 2017 between the Convent Auditor And now with Manohar Kumar Sharma, Chief Manager, Manoj Kharat, who is Swoop from November 2014 to December 2017,
On the other hand, PNB suspended eight more officers including one General Manager level officer on Friday. They have also been found involved in the scam. Earlier on Wednesday, 10 officers were suspended. In this case, PNB will pay the remaining amount of all other banks from its internal source till March 31.
Scandalous Scandal Layers
A senior official said that in total scam worth Rs 11,400 crore, issued a letter of undetecting (LOU) and letter of credit (LC) of Rs 4886 crore to three companies of vigilance. LOO Neerav of the remaining amount was issued to the companies of Modi.
Core banking did not happen in the entry
The method of charging the accused was a great vicious act. Once the issuance of LC and LOU, they would have issued new LO and LC just before their expiry. That is, the money of the bank used to move in the bank. In the core banking system, this amount was not paid for entry. That is why PNB did not know the scam for seven years.
29 properties of seized seized income tax, 105 accounts
The Income Tax Department also cracked down on Neerav Modi on Friday. Temporarily seized its 29 properties and 105 bank accounts. The department has filed a lawsuit against Modi in the new law against black money for possessing assets abroad.
In the new law, there is a provision of punishment for unauthorized property with up to 120 percent tax and penalties up to 10 years. Identity of 150 Shell CompaniesThe Government has identified around 150 Shell (Mask) companies related to Neerav Modi, his relatives and colleagues. Corporate Affairs Ministry has taken this action.

Rahul said new formula

Congress President Rahul Gandhi, again targeting PM Modi, tweeting "Hashtagamodirobsindia", told the new formula for the escape of scamsters - "(Mo) The Bh (Go)" with "La" (Mo) + Ni (Mo) " ". He added it to Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi case for the second consecutive day.


Surajkund mela 2018 : the world largest hand craft mela

surajkund is an ancient reservoir of 10th century state in faridabaad .distance from south delhi around 8 km. Meaning of suraj-kund lake of Sun. it is located in aravalli hills ..

suraj- kund mela attractive year by year its is best platform for skilled craftsmen and other Saarc .

in this mela many craft men come across all over India and other country as well to show there talent .
its is organized every every year in 40 acres with more than 1000 stalls thw mela timing is 10 am to
 8 :30.
every stall is in traditional looking for before the 10 th century.

in hare you have to purchase entry ticket

Normal price tikit 120 in weekdays and 60 for student and senior citizion
and 180 weedend

handcraft item.
there are many stall that sale hand made craft item they are looking very colorful and they are veery use fur to decorate home or office, and many other place,.

cultural activities

There are many place where perform some cultural activities perform like bhangara dhol dancing..

Every actives show there state and culture to everyone to know there cultures.

in this pic a stage show are perform.
this show shows the all nation are one and india will always help

for every subordinate country to support for there culture

Kashi vishwanath
Kashi vishwanath
Hare main road is starting is created mini model of kashi vishwanath where you see the very small deatail in road

Hand made item 

there are many hand made item available
In mela there are different state of indian state theams like up(utter pardesh) haryana,

The item is created by hand and basic machine
Hand craft

Table and chairs 


Amusement park
There are a small amusement park there you can go for ride there and take enjoy 
Ride are good and cheap


there are many food stall of differnet state of india as as well other country and college student also there for there food stall