These 5 countries can't survive for long


Pakistan is a country that can end in some years. The reason for its end is due here is the Balochistan and Sindh Prefecture. 45 percent of Balochistan Pak is a part that has been struggling for Azadi since last 70 years. If Balochistan and Sindh provinces are different from Pakistan, then Pakistan will be left alone. Pakistan already broke once in 1971 as result Bangladesh found

The Netherland

It is the world's most peaceful and beautiful country. But perhaps this country will end in the coming time. The biggest reason for this is the changing climate. The height from the Netherlands sea level is just one meter. Due to which sea water is growing at a fast pace and one day the country will be submerged.

United Kingdom

It is the country of the world that ruled many countries of the world. There are several small states in England who want to separate themselves from England and want to become members of the European Union. And if this happens England will be divided into small pieces.

New Zealand

It is a very beautiful country Situated in south west of The map . But Due to some Issue the lands of New Zealand is Shifting towards the isolation. They are getting away from Australian Borders. Sooner It will reach that place where Living is Very pricey


As we know iraq is the battlefield for many countries.The state known for terrorism and Western Occupation. 70% of iraq is already conquered by ISIS and the rest is In hand of rebellion. And also many ethnic group Want the free land from iraq

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