5G arrival in india and its price

With the changing times, the technology is expanding rapidly, every incoming technology is powerful with its previous technology and this rule also applies to the 5G.
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After the arrival of Jio in India, on the one hand where the number of Internet users has increased, on the other hand Internet prices have historically come down to their lowest level, but do you know that after coming cheap, internet prices are even lower Maybe.

Yes, if you heard the right one, the tech expert believes that the cost of the 5G is the cheapest at all. 5G has been designed in such a way that it uses less energy and power to transfer data.
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On the other hand India is playing a big role in developing the 5G, in this way, India will be able to get cheap spectrum, which will reach the lowest level of Internet prices in India.

That is, in simple words, you will soon be able to use 1 GB of data per day in less than Rs 100. According to Telecom Minister Sanjay Sinha, you can see the use of 5G technology in India at the end of this year.

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