Prime minister Narendra Modi find to decrease the price of oil

Everybody is upset with the rising prices of petrol and diesel. Prime Minister

Narendra Modi has discovered the method to rein in prices of petrol and diesel. Not only will the prices be restrained, but the country will have to import less oil. During a program organized on World Biofuels Day, PM Modi said that the program to introduce ethanol in petrol was initiated by the Waipai Government, but the previous governments did not take it seriously, but the NDA government took this program seriously.The PM said that it plans to set up 12 refineries of biofuel in the country. The government will achieve 10 percent ethanol mixture in petrol by 2022, which will be increased to 20 percent by 2030. This will not only reduce import of petroleum but also create jobs in the country. On the other hand, income of farmers will increase with biofuels. During the program, the Prime Minister inaugurated the Web Portal 'Ambience'.

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