Flood in Kerala: people are not received help

Thiruvananthapuram At this time, the God of the Gods Earth is wandering about God's woes. Due to torrential rains, entire Kerala has been submerged in water and water has flooded more than 13 districts of this state. CM Pinyai Vijayan told that property worth Rs 19,500 crore has been damaged so far. In the last 100 years, the nature of a natural calamity like Kerala was not seen till now. People here are living without power and eating. Local legislator Eraiham says that many people in the state are sitting on rooftops for hours due to water logging on the first floor of the house. Now the situation is getting worse and this is why high alert has been issued in the state of Kerala.

In order to rescue Kerala from this crisis, PM Modi has said that he will give 500 crores assistance to the state. In addition, they will be given assistance of Rs 2 lakh to every family and those who have received serious injuries will be given additional relief of Rs 50 thousand from the National Relief Fund. Hopefully this will help the people of Kerala state with relief from PM Modi. Will meet According to the report, at present 1.3 lakh people have been displaced in Kerala and more than 300 people have died in Kerala so far. Due to landslides and floods in Malappuram and Idukki, 2000 houses have been washed away in water and due to water supply at Kochi Airport, they have been closed till August 26. The door of more than 35 dams has been opened in the state.

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