FIFA Worl Cup Final:- France for second time lifts the trophy defeating Croatia,|full match coverage |

Moscow The final match of the FIFA World Cup 2018 was played between France and Croatia at Luzniki Stadium in Moscow's capital Moscow. Where France won the second World Cup title by defeating Croatia 4-2. Both teams have shown a great game from the beginning. Where Croatia was at the first attack, France was seen to be defending a lot. But in the 18th minute, France got the advantage of Croatia's suicide goal. This was the first goal of the FIFA World Cup 2018 finals.

France's 1-0 lead in Croatia's header of Mario Maddukiewicz And the goal was scored by Mario Manjukich of Croatia, France made a 1-0 lead by the help of Manjukich's suicide goal. This Antoni got the ball from the head of Mario Manjukich on the free kick of Greasyman and went into the ball. Mario Manjukich was the hero of his team's victory in the semifinals. In addition, Mario became the first player to make a suicide goal in the World Cup final.
After that, Croatia in the 24th minute responded with a two-set piece. Domgoo Vida made the first header, while the second time French goalkeeper Hugo Lauris put the pitch on the ball to avoid the goal. Although throwing Ivan Reykitich, the yellow card was shown yellow card and also a free kick from Angolo Kante of France.

Ivan Perciich made a strong shot and crushed Croatia 1-1 in the 28th minute. Here Croatia failed to clear the free kick to France. The free kick went from the left end to the right edge, which was successful in controlling Ivan Perisich and pushing the ball in a corner with the left footer.
However, shortly after France was successful in taking 2-1 lead This time again Antoine Greizman scored the goal. In the 39th minute, his kick went to the left while goalkeeper Danielle Sobasich sat on the other side. This penalty was awarded to France due to hand ball in Ivan Perisich's box. This mistake was very heavy for Croatia. Because the first goal was given to France as an on goal, while the second also gave it by mistake.

In the first half, France kept Croatia 2-1 ahead. After the second half started the game, Paul Pogba tripled another round edge for France. France's lead in the 59th minute was 3-1. Paul Pogba finally got his name written in history. Paul Pogba put the ball in the ball with the left foot on the ball in front of the goal. The goalkeeper remained here. In the 65th minute France again scored another goal.
These goals happened in the 65th minute. This time young Kylian Embuepe scored the goal. Ambeppe scored a goal while chipping the Croatian midfielder However this time, Mario Manjukich took the ball alone and then hit the goalkeeper and put the ball in the goal and made the Cupian of Croatia. France's defense was missing at that time. Croatia scored a score of 2-4. And this score remained to the end.

Let us tell you that France reached the final for the third time. He had played the final for the first time in his home World Cup played in 1998 and was successful in winning. After that, in 2006, he made the final place, but lost to Italy. Talking to Croatia, he was playing the final for the first time.

Croatia (First XI): Denizel Subascic, Cime Vaslajko, Diezan Lovren, Domagose Vida, Ivan Streinik, Ivan Reykjtik, Maserlo Brasovic, Ente Rebecc, Luca Modric, Ivan Pericic and Mario Manjukic.

France (First XI): Loris, Benjamin Pavard, Rafael Varan, Samuel Umiti, Lucas Hernandez, Angolo Kante, Paul Pogba, Kylian Ambapi, Antoine Greizman, Blaise Mataudi and Oliver Jiro.

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