What happen Between The couple and Airport authority of Lucknow:Tanvi seth case

Scarcely any days back an Incident run over Country where a Couple charged an Officer for Religious separation. Individuals bash that officer via web-based networking media and Authority go under weight and exchange that officer to somewhere else and handover the Passport to woman website. 

tanvi seth case
Truly , We discuss well known But not all things considered, Mohd. Anas and Tanvi seth otherwise known as" Sadia". The issue begin when Tanvi go to Airport expert to finish the travel permit method . However, there an Officer Amit Mishra place boundaries in her work . What's more, result , Couple calls the media and put some genuine accusations on Officer of Religious badgering . 

In any case, is that genuine ? Is this truly happened ? Consider the possibility that , the subject of only a dramatization or Something else. Yet, one thing we know for beyond any doubt that AUI absence of administration and Comes under strain effectively and set with or without the tenets while the entire issue goes . 

What was the entire story 

This story have two sides . We as of now revealed to you the Tanvi's part told us the Officer part. 

He said "Every one of the papers was right with the exception of one . Her name was Sadia on report and she need the visa on the more established name . I don't know why . I never said such thing to her which she claim to so. " 

Likewise the kindred specialists confims the announcement of Mishra and they said " During his administration , nobody whine about his conduct . " . what's more, additionally included " How a man like him who himself does Intercast Marriage can state these sort of thing to others. He is a decent man" They said . 

Be that as it may, , During all the tumult Airport expert accomplishes something shameless . They didn't listen the Officer And exchange him to Another place . Furthermore, Give the international ID around then on Airport to the couple . 

Presently the inquiry emerge here , Even Cheif Minister U.P. Yogi AdityaNath got thier visa Multi day after by speed post whih is the typical methodology . At that point why AAI are in so much rush that they handover travel permit to Couple in brief timeframe . Additionally why They didn't tune in to officer . 

Well would they say they are experiencing strain? Would they be able to deal with circumstance better? Are arrange originating from senior level ? Is this a piece of minority Appeasing legislative issues? What do you think let us know in the Comments

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