Top Horror Movies Series You must watch

Hi friends , Many people like watching horror movies . While we have varieties of movie. Including Hollywood , Bollywood , Korean and etc.

Here are some of the best Horror movie series

1. Exorcist series

It is considered as the best horror movie of all time . It is from 70's , But it will give you spine chilling experience .

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2. Ringu( Korean version) series

Korean movies make the powerful presence in Horror genre . And ringu is one of them . The story revolve around the Cursed tapes. Those who watched the tapes . Will be died in 7 days . Watch at your risk .

3. The conguring(Series)

Conguring is considered as modern masterflick of horror genre. However the other parts of this series is not done it that well. But it will definetly give you scar.

4. Grudge(Ju-on korean version) series

Again Korean movie have some unique sense of potrayinpo ghost. The grudge is all about the curse of a lady. This movie is very Scary and grim that it will give you Nightmare.

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5. Insidious series

One more Horror flick . Story revolve around Alice who can talk to ghost . ALL THE PART OF THIS MOVIE IS CONNECTED TO EACH OTHER SO YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE WHOLE SERIES

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