To avoiding Heating issue on Phone use these 5 tips

By using smartphone tpo much it cause heating issue.  Daily Heavy usage  increases the risk of mobile deterioration.

It is important to take care of Some details to avoid this problem. Today, in this post we are going to tell you  5 things That will be helpful to keep your phone Cooler.

1. Remove the cover
If you use Mobile cover specially for Fashion or Flaunting . Better to stop it now. As the Cover may increase the heating problem and also it reduce the Network function of smartphone. Remove your Back cover while Charging .
2.Uninstall Useless application
UNINSTALL apps with more processing power. Such apps warm the battery and the device. Application such as Facebook and Evernote take too much processing power while running in background . Instead of these application choose the lighter version.

3.Do not charge Mobile too much .
Do not charge your smartphone  for long. Do not stay on mobile charging overnight.  One of the main problem of Overheating is Overcharging . And also Avoid your work on Smartphone while doing charging.

4.Avoid from the sun
Avoiding the sun is also a good option to Keep smartphone cool . Mobile phone only work with some limited temperature .

Keep smartphone on hard surfaces
Do not put your smartphone on Beds, sofas etc. Because this muffled your smartphone and makes it more warmer because there is no space left for Cooling of Processor.

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