Most awaited movie of Bollywood movie franchise

In Bollywood , Some movie makes us to Say "When will the next movie come "" . And Bollywood never fails to deliver the story . Some Bollywood franchise,  we all loved so much that makers Work on that project. Today we are presenting you the 5 Movies that indian audience willing to see.

1. 2.0

the First part of "Anthyrn" or Robot released in 2010. For the sake of your information, it took 8 years to make the second part of the movie "Robot 2.0", although it has not yet confirmed that the movie "2.0" will be released in 2018 or 2019, let me also tell you This film is being prepared with a big budget for which a budget of Rs 550 crore is said.This is one of the most awaited movie of Rajnikant.

2. Dhoom 4

This is in number 4 in our list
This Bollywood action franchise is most awaited movie in Bollywood. For your information, the third part of this series "Dhoom 3" was released in 2013, i.e., it took more than 5 years for the film to make "Dhoom 4". It is not yet confirmed that "Dhoom 4" will be released in 2019 or in 2020, also the casting is not finalized till yet.

3. Krish 4

India's third most successful superhero movie "Krish 4" will be the fourth part of the Bollywood blockbuster series "Krish". For your information,  "Krish 3 ", the third part of "Krish Series " was released in 2013 and after 7 years, the fourth part of the film "Krish 4" will be released in 2020.

4. Don 3

SRK don franchise is another action packed buffet for Box office . The film made a special place in our Heart , The story of a cool don which which work with his brain not brawn . Looking at the present Box office collection SRK must do that film . It will add boon to his career.

5. Hera pheri 3

I never thought i will see the Trio (Baburao, Shayam, Raju) again in this movie franchise . Because of some rumors , initially movie was finalize with John Abraham and Abhishek bacchan but due to the dull response of fans maker decide to work with old pair.
So tell which film is in your waiting list

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