All students who get 75 percent marks will get laptops; CM Shivraj's announcement

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has announced the workstations to every one of the understudies who got 75% checks in the twelfth standard. He gave this declaration because of the topic of an understudy. All things considered, an understudy from Bhopal said that in the event that I have 84.6 percent marks, would I not have the capacity to get a PC? On this, CM Shivraj said that PCs will be given to every one of the understudies who get 75% imprints.

- CM has declared the opening of Career Counseling Center in each region of the state on the request of the understudies. In the meantime, he declared the usage of the Chief Minister's plan for understudies from July to July. Under this, the state government will bear the costs of the training of each low and white collar class poor understudies.

- CM Shivraj addressed the understudies in Phase II of 'Aisham' in the second period of Friday. He stated, coming up short does not end all things. He offered cases to numerous understudies including cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, Mahakavi Kalidas and Tulsidasji. He said that achievement isn't only for you, there are numerous ways.

Open skies, can make vocation in any territory 

- He said that every one of these individuals made their own particular name in their general vicinity, you can likewise make a name in the favored zone. Joblessness is from one viewpoint in the nation and then again there is a lack of individuals who are talented. There are such a large number of prerequisites that take it out for a few times

Feather needed to wind up a specialist, I denied 

- CM said that I adore you in particular. Try not to take the way of your vocation on anybody's recommendation, dependably look for exhortation. My father needed to be a specialist, yet I would not like to complete an analyzation. I told my dad with bravery and he accepted. Studies ought to likewise be of enthusiasm, in which the brain and the joys come. We are doing vocation advising with the goal that youngsters can pick the correct way for themselves.

Poor understudies incorporated into CM's plan 

- We have made a Meritorious understudy conspire for youngsters bringing 70 percent all the more, yet for the poor families bringing under 70, the Chief Minister will be the Chief Minister's Janakalyan Yojana. Applying it since July Under this, offspring of poor families and lower white collar class families will profit. The legislature will charge the expenses for these youngsters.

Everybody can push ahead, have the will 

- He said that God has given everybody break even with insight, you should utilize it. Numerous kids imagine that I can not do anything and get fulfilled in Third Division and Grace, such kids can not advance.

Would can become cm be able to be PM? 

Answering to the subject of youngsters, CM said that in the event that you need to support the general population in your heart, at that point you can progress toward becoming CM and PM. Need tolerance to make progress. A few people get disheartened, don't focus on them.

In the second stage, such huge numbers of understudies included 

- In the principal period of this arrangement, the Chief Minister will visit Bhopal Model School, T.T. on May 21. Correspondence with the understudies straightforwardly through Akashwani and Doordarshan were imparted to the understudies. In the second period of the Asha examination, the examination will be done in the 12 th board examination from June 8 to 15 and advising will be finished with around 3 lakh 33 thousand understudies who get under 70 percent marks. We will contact the execution of this plan by the School Education, Technical Education and Higher Education Department mutually. In the program, numerous authorities, educators, understudies, including pastor Deepak Joshi, CM Ashok Charakal, CM of Shiksha Mandal, SR Mohanty joined the program.
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