Alia Bhatt Mms going viral Real or Fake ?

Hello friends , In this era of Social media every thing is available in your fingers . Because of social media many people get instant Fandom overnight like Priya prakash, Kamlesh or Pakistani chaiwala .

But it will not work as same as always . Sometimes people get into news for bad reasons . Just like Alia bhatt , She is also in news but for all the bad reasons . A message is getting viral of a Inappropriate video which is Shared as "Alia bhatt MMS" .

However the Viral video is fake , It is not a morph video but it is an another girl . Few months ago Big boss s10 winner Shilpa Shinde faced Online bulleying over some fake video . These videos are not real but there are other people behind it . People accidentally took a part in this crime .

We are requesting you to not to forward these kind of mms or Sms which accuse anyone character . The video could be taken as Memory or Whatever if it gets leaked we should try to avoid it

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