5 Adult comedy movie series -Part 2

We all have some different taste of movies . In bollywood and south Movies you will get all the emotion in one movie . But Hollywood make more Open movies than any other county so here we presenting the best Adult movie series you should watch alone.

1. American Pie.

This is considered as the most sexist movie of all time . It have amazing starcast , Good storyLine and lots of Giggle . Better to watch out alone .

2. Harold and Kumar.

It is not that adult rated film but some are really funny . The revolves around 2 friend Harold Lee and Kumar patel . It is a hilarious movie series

3. TED

If you think teddy bear is just for girls. Then you must be right while watching this movie . This is the story of a Teddy bear who can talk , walk as well as can do various manly task . Put this series on your Watch list

4. Neighbours

Neighbours is one of my personal favourite movie . It contains nudity and party . It have all thw material to show western Culture. Story is around A couple and thier neighbours.

5. Masti series

Finally , One indian movie in the list . However 1st part of movie is not actually A certified . But afterwards ots going dirty and funny each time. If you are a Bollywood fan then you must watch it

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