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Most awaited movie of Bollywood movie franchise

In Bollywood , Some movie makes us to Say "When will the next movie come "" . And Bollywood never fails to deliver the story . Some Bollywood franchise,  we all loved so much that makers Work on that project. Today we are presenting you the 5 Movies that indian audience willing to see.

1. 2.0

the First part of "Anthyrn" or Robot released in 2010. For the sake of your information, it took 8 years to make the second part of the movie "Robot 2.0", although it has not yet confirmed that the movie "2.0" will be released in 2018 or 2019, let me also tell you This film is being prepared with a big budget for which a budget of Rs 550 crore is said.This is one of the most awaited movie of Rajnikant.

2. Dhoom 4

This is in number 4 in our list
This Bollywood action franchise is most awaited movie in Bollywood. For your information, the third part of this series "Dhoom 3" was released in 2013, i.e., it took more than 5 years for the film to make "Dhoom 4". It is not yet confirmed that "Dhoom 4" will be released in 2019 or in 2020, also the casting is not finalized till yet.

3. Krish 4

India's third most successful superhero movie "Krish 4" will be the fourth part of the Bollywood blockbuster series "Krish". For your information,  "Krish 3 ", the third part of "Krish Series " was released in 2013 and after 7 years, the fourth part of the film "Krish 4" will be released in 2020.

4. Don 3

SRK don franchise is another action packed buffet for Box office . The film made a special place in our Heart , The story of a cool don which which work with his brain not brawn . Looking at the present Box office collection SRK must do that film . It will add boon to his career.

5. Hera pheri 3

I never thought i will see the Trio (Baburao, Shayam, Raju) again in this movie franchise . Because of some rumors , initially movie was finalize with John Abraham and Abhishek bacchan but due to the dull response of fans maker decide to work with old pair.
So tell which film is in your waiting list


Alia Bhatt Mms going viral Real or Fake ?

Hello friends , In this era of Social media every thing is available in your fingers . Because of social media many people get instant Fandom overnight like Priya prakash, Kamlesh or Pakistani chaiwala .

But it will not work as same as always . Sometimes people get into news for bad reasons . Just like Alia bhatt , She is also in news but for all the bad reasons . A message is getting viral of a Inappropriate video which is Shared as "Alia bhatt MMS" .

However the Viral video is fake , It is not a morph video but it is an another girl . Few months ago Big boss s10 winner Shilpa Shinde faced Online bulleying over some fake video . These videos are not real but there are other people behind it . People accidentally took a part in this crime .

We are requesting you to not to forward these kind of mms or Sms which accuse anyone character . The video could be taken as Memory or Whatever if it gets leaked we should try to avoid it

What happen Between The couple and Airport authority of Lucknow:Tanvi seth case

Scarcely any days back an Incident run over Country where a Couple charged an Officer for Religious separation. Individuals bash that officer via web-based networking media and Authority go under weight and exchange that officer to somewhere else and handover the Passport to woman website. 

tanvi seth case
Truly , We discuss well known But not all things considered, Mohd. Anas and Tanvi seth otherwise known as" Sadia". The issue begin when Tanvi go to Airport expert to finish the travel permit method . However, there an Officer Amit Mishra place boundaries in her work . What's more, result , Couple calls the media and put some genuine accusations on Officer of Religious badgering . 

In any case, is that genuine ? Is this truly happened ? Consider the possibility that , the subject of only a dramatization or Something else. Yet, one thing we know for beyond any doubt that AUI absence of administration and Comes under strain effectively and set with or without the tenets while the entire issue goes . 

What was the entire story 

This story have two sides . We as of now revealed to you the Tanvi's part told us the Officer part. 

He said "Every one of the papers was right with the exception of one . Her name was Sadia on report and she need the visa on the more established name . I don't know why . I never said such thing to her which she claim to so. " 

Likewise the kindred specialists confims the announcement of Mishra and they said " During his administration , nobody whine about his conduct . " . what's more, additionally included " How a man like him who himself does Intercast Marriage can state these sort of thing to others. He is a decent man" They said . 

Be that as it may, , During all the tumult Airport expert accomplishes something shameless . They didn't listen the Officer And exchange him to Another place . Furthermore, Give the international ID around then on Airport to the couple . 

Presently the inquiry emerge here , Even Cheif Minister U.P. Yogi AdityaNath got thier visa Multi day after by speed post whih is the typical methodology . At that point why AAI are in so much rush that they handover travel permit to Couple in brief timeframe . Additionally why They didn't tune in to officer . 

Well would they say they are experiencing strain? Would they be able to deal with circumstance better? Are arrange originating from senior level ? Is this a piece of minority Appeasing legislative issues? What do you think let us know in the Comments

Big boss finalist Hina khan look stunning in Black saree

Famous TV on-screen character and Big Boss finalist Hina khan Uploads a photograph in Which she is wearing Black saree and look hard to stand up to. While she was playing a "Sanskari Bahu" in Ye Roshta Kya Kehlata Hai she doesn't have much space for test for Outfit. 
Hina khan 

In any case, later on During Khatron ke Khiladi and Big Boss S10 demonstrates that she is really Fashionista. As some of you recollect Tv diva didn't rehash equip in whole show . Furthermore, dependably keep up class and respect which fans and watcher like the most . Be it a western outfit or a conventional clothing, she can convey any herself with effortlessness and flawlessness in whatever she wears. 

Hina knows precisely how to keep the glitz remainder up. 
Hina khan in black saree

She as of late shared a hot high contrast picture of herself in a dark saree and no uncertainty she looks super provocative. The subtitle stated, "Nothing will work except if u try My mid year body is in advance #sareelove". 

Seeing her after quite a while is Good and she didn't disillusion us at all with her look. At the present time she is on the excursion and appreciate time with loved ones.


National Digital Library of India on National Reading Day launches By Javadekar

NDLI is a venture of the Ministry of Human Resource Development under the aegis of National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT) with the target making advanced instructive assets accessible to all natives of the nation to enable, move and energize learning. NDLI created by IIT Khadagpur is the Single Window Platform that gathers and examines meta information from head learning foundations in India and abroad, and in addition other pertinent sources.Ads by ZINC It is a computerized archive containing reading material, articles,

recordings, book recordings, addresses, reproductions, fiction and every single other sort of learning media. Talking on the event, Javadekar stated, "another time of Digital India has started. We commit this Digital Library to the Nation." He said that the National Digital Library is a 24x7 pervasive learning asset that is open to anybody with web access and it is worked to empower the ascent of Digital India. The Minister said that anyone can get to the computerized library whenever and anyplace totally free of cost and will contribute extraordinarily to the Government's responsibility towards "Padhe Bharat Badhe Bharat". The pastor clarified that NDLI is an advanced library that makes quality learning assets accessible to all students and has 1.7 crore content from in excess of 160 sources, in more than 200 dialects, all around and 30 lakh clients are enrolled on NDLI as on date and our objective is to expand the clients 10 times in multi year. He said that NDLI stage is community oriented in nature and stretched out his respects to contributing establishments which have made accessible their advanced stores for combination with NDLI. Javadekar included that separated from site, NDL is likewise accessible on the Mobile application. NDLI Mobile application is empowering access to rich advanced substance of libraries the nation over and even outside vaults to clients even in the remotest of territories. He additionally said that the App, which has been downloaded more than 6.70 lakh times, is right now accessible for both iPhone and Android clients. Clients can look for content utilizing different parameters like topic, source, content write and that's just the beginning. At the present time the application is accessible in three dialects - English, Hindi and Bengali.


Visiting this village can make you sinfree and instant rich

At the point when man's chance is awful, at that point the work that has been done gets decayed. Be that as it may, if the beauty of God happens upon people then the positions likewise progress toward becoming lords. Today, we will enlighten you concerning a town, where Shiva's wonder wipes out human neediness.

There is a faith in Hindu sacred writings that when one comes to Uttarakhand, this individual turns out to be free from wrongdoing. Indeed, in the Puranas, this town has the status of an incapacitated place.

Give us a chance to disclose to you that the name of this town is situated in Chamoli, Uttarakhand. Mana town is arranged at a place where the exchange amongst Tibet and India has been continuing for a considerable length of time. 3 km from Badrinath Dham This town arranged at a separation is considered as the last town of India. The name of this town was named after the enthusiast of Lord Shiva named Manibhadra Dev.

It is trusted that in resulting in these present circumstances town, a human turns into a visionary and can know the future occasions. Master Shiva gloated to his lover Manikshah that each individual who results in these present circumstances town once, his neediness will dependably be far away. This is where Ganapati Maharaj had created Mahabharata within the sight of Maharishi Vyas. Not just this, after the finish of the Mahabharata war, with the assistance of five Pandavas, Draupadi, the route from this town, Swargaohini went to paradise from the stepping stool.

A story identified with the Mana town ...

Once, a Shiva aficionado who was a businessperson named Manik Shah, amid the trip, burglars cut his head. In any case, Lord Shiva was droning on the hacked head. In such a route satisfied with the dedication of Manik Shah, Bholenath set up Manch Shah's head per head on Manik Shah's neck. With this, Lord Shiva bragged Manik Shah that the destitution of any individual who comes to Mana town will be killed.


The painful disclosure of this actress has been rape 20 times a week, rap with me, the truth

Today, assault occurrences are expanding on the planet. Presently envision yourself, what is the state of such a major on-screen character then what will be the state of the normal man? We have to contemplate this issue and there is a need to make any solid strides. Today, I am will enlighten you regarding a comparable on-screen character who has been assaulted 20 times in seven days.

How about we think about this episode. Companions, this current performer's name is Abelia Banks. This is additionally the well known rapper of Bollywood. Any individual who has quite recently as of late unveiled on the Instagram record will consent to anyone. He told that he has been assaulted 20 times with them in the wake of drinking them the entire week. Ajlia wrote in his post that the lockie was assaulted. Presently I am getting filthy. However, Abelia had erased this post somewhat later.

Ajlia has additionally imparted some voice chronicles to her Instagram account in which she is crying. Ajlia said in these voice records, do you realize that I feel extremely awkward, now I am feeling exceptionally destabilizing myself on the grounds that right now I feel myself being aggrieved. Ajilia additionally said that individuals can not figure about this occurrence since they just continue happening considering young ladies. However, the young ladies would prefer not to be compelled to co-work with them. Amid this time, Abelia told that she felt her drink was blended in her drink subsequent to drinking drinks.

Ajlia says that he had never at any point made sense of that such a noxious day would likewise come in his life. Ajilia at that point erased this agonizing post, however transferred her voice accounts on YouTube which is getting much popular right now. Companions, what has happened to the general public, why is society today being played regarding little girls? Try not to have little girls of those individuals who do such things. I can raise counsel or purposeful publicity for making such arrangement of discipline for such individuals, yet with whom has such a mischance happened. Who will disclose to him Such individuals have the privilege to live in the public arena.


5 Adult comedy movie series -Part 2

We all have some different taste of movies . In bollywood and south Movies you will get all the emotion in one movie . But Hollywood make more Open movies than any other county so here we presenting the best Adult movie series you should watch alone.

1. American Pie.

This is considered as the most sexist movie of all time . It have amazing starcast , Good storyLine and lots of Giggle . Better to watch out alone .

2. Harold and Kumar.

It is not that adult rated film but some are really funny . The revolves around 2 friend Harold Lee and Kumar patel . It is a hilarious movie series

3. TED

If you think teddy bear is just for girls. Then you must be right while watching this movie . This is the story of a Teddy bear who can talk , walk as well as can do various manly task . Put this series on your Watch list

4. Neighbours

Neighbours is one of my personal favourite movie . It contains nudity and party . It have all thw material to show western Culture. Story is around A couple and thier neighbours.

5. Masti series

Finally , One indian movie in the list . However 1st part of movie is not actually A certified . But afterwards ots going dirty and funny each time. If you are a Bollywood fan then you must watch it


Top Horror Movies Series You must watch

Hi friends , Many people like watching horror movies . While we have varieties of movie. Including Hollywood , Bollywood , Korean and etc.

Here are some of the best Horror movie series

1. Exorcist series

It is considered as the best horror movie of all time . It is from 70's , But it will give you spine chilling experience .

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2. Ringu( Korean version) series

Korean movies make the powerful presence in Horror genre . And ringu is one of them . The story revolve around the Cursed tapes. Those who watched the tapes . Will be died in 7 days . Watch at your risk .

3. The conguring(Series)

Conguring is considered as modern masterflick of horror genre. However the other parts of this series is not done it that well. But it will definetly give you scar.

4. Grudge(Ju-on korean version) series

Again Korean movie have some unique sense of potrayinpo ghost. The grudge is all about the curse of a lady. This movie is very Scary and grim that it will give you Nightmare.

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5. Insidious series

One more Horror flick . Story revolve around Alice who can talk to ghost . ALL THE PART OF THIS MOVIE IS CONNECTED TO EACH OTHER SO YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE WHOLE SERIES

To avoiding Heating issue on Phone use these 5 tips

By using smartphone tpo much it cause heating issue.  Daily Heavy usage  increases the risk of mobile deterioration.

It is important to take care of Some details to avoid this problem. Today, in this post we are going to tell you  5 things That will be helpful to keep your phone Cooler.

1. Remove the cover
If you use Mobile cover specially for Fashion or Flaunting . Better to stop it now. As the Cover may increase the heating problem and also it reduce the Network function of smartphone. Remove your Back cover while Charging .
2.Uninstall Useless application
UNINSTALL apps with more processing power. Such apps warm the battery and the device. Application such as Facebook and Evernote take too much processing power while running in background . Instead of these application choose the lighter version.

3.Do not charge Mobile too much .
Do not charge your smartphone  for long. Do not stay on mobile charging overnight.  One of the main problem of Overheating is Overcharging . And also Avoid your work on Smartphone while doing charging.

4.Avoid from the sun
Avoiding the sun is also a good option to Keep smartphone cool . Mobile phone only work with some limited temperature .

Keep smartphone on hard surfaces
Do not put your smartphone on Beds, sofas etc. Because this muffled your smartphone and makes it more warmer because there is no space left for Cooling of Processor.


Best Slasher movie Of hollywood