A plane accident in cuba

A passenger plane at Cuba's capital Havana Airport has crashed at the take-off. According to the Cuban media, the Cuban de aviation boeing 737 has crashed, with 104 passengers on board. However, no one's casualties have been reported in this incident so far. The incident took place on Jose Marti International Airport in Havana on Friday at Take Off. The Cuban domestic plane was flying to Holguin from Cuba's Havana, but it crashed only at the take-off. The city of Holguin is about 500 miles from the capital of Cuba. According to AFP of News Agency, the President of Cuba said that a large number of passengers could be victims of this accident. Cuban state media believe that this is a great accident and soon after the crash of the aircraft became a source of smoke over the site. However, the Cuban government and the airlines have not yet given clear information about the loss or casualties of the people in the accident. is. At the same time, the President of Cuba has reached the venue and a large number of emergency workers have been installed.

At the same time, locals nearby told that a large number of ambulances have been installed, in which the victims are being taken away.
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