Shocking disclosure by Sandhya Naidu about film industry

Starting with Hollywood #MeToo Campaign, the women working in the film industry have the courage to speak against sexual harassment. In India too, women working in Tollywood after Bollywood have raised voice against sexual harassment and casting couch in the industry. These junior female artists presented the tragic truth of Tollywood to the people. Actress Sandhya Naidu said that the sexual harassment of the actress for the role of a few seconds in films in the Tollywood Film Industry. They are called to sleep

Shocking disclosure by Sandhya Naidu

At an event organized by the actress Shri Reddy, about 15 junior female artists of Tollywood have presented a shocking picture of the film industry. Actress Sandhya Naidu, who has been working for the last 10 years, has revealed the poor behavior of women. He told that the director and the rest of the movie demanded sexual favors from him to get a few seconds roll. Naidu said, 'I meet most of the role mother or aunt. In the place of shooting, he calls me aunt in the morning and at night I call on him to sleep with me. '

17-17 year old boys also do dirty behavior

Sandhya Naidu further said, 'Their deal is that what will I get if I help you get the role. After coming home we force them to chat with what'sapp . One of them asked me what I was wearing and whether it is transparency? ' These female artists said that boys who are under the age of 17, who are assistants or technicians, deal with them in this manner. 

Sunita reddy tell that now we are not quite 

Actress Sunita Reddy revealed that there Sunita Reddy said, 'We have to change our clothes outside and do not even have toilets. The manager tells us to use the van of the Stars but we are not allowed to use them. We use dirty language. ' Many artists said that even after fulfilling the demand of the directors, they were not given proper work in films. Actress Shri Reddy has said that Tollywood women actors will not remain silent and will raise their voices against sexual harassment in the industry. Female artists have also formed a committee against sexual harassment and have also made several other demands is no facility for female junior artists on the set.

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