Bad news for Kapil Sharma and His fans

How tragic it is that the TV superstars is going to such a horrible incident . He is constantly taking overdose of medicines.

We are talking about Kapil Sharma here.
Nothing is going right with TV star , it is said that he is taking 20 pills in a Day for realease stress.

After reading this, you might be wondering how it is possible for 20 tablet in one day. It's really hard to believe in it.But one thing is pretty much sure that He lost all his Stardom and respect amongst Audience and Celebs.

Finish the contract with Sharma
Considering this condition of Kapil, producer Hemand Rupal and Ranjit Thakur have finished their contract with Kapil.

New show planning

Sony TV is bringing together new shows with Bharti Singh and Krishna. Kapil said in a conversation with his friend that he is now tired of fulfilling the demand of the people. he wants to be alone.

History is repeating itself..
All these reports can be estimated that Kapil has lost his stardom. History is repeating itself. Bharati and Krishna were back in Colors for replacing the Comedy Nights with Kapil.

Friends become foe

During the Comedy Nights, All of his starcast is like friend and family but now they are all gone . We are talking about Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and Preity Simoes.

Ended due to abuse
Kapil's abusive Behavior tweet has completely Vanished  his image.

Long wait
Sony, along with Bharti and Krishna, can telecast their new comedy show from the launch of almost three months or ten. That is, with the April and May, this show can be telecast by the middle of June. I.e., in total, 2 to 3 months Kapil will stay away from his fans.

Sunil should come to join

If on return, Kapil will be accompanied by his old team i.e. Ali Asghar, Sunil Grover, Preeti Simoes and Sungdha  Mishra. Only then can they get the benefit of their return. Or, again the negative news will be associated with Kapil.
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