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Top 4 Most stylish actresses of TV serials

Today, we are going to tell you about some of the TV actresses who have supported their boldness to gain popularity. So let's know about these expressions:

Nia Sharma:

Jamai Raja actress Niya Sharma, worked in Twisted Web Series to increase her popularity and gave bold words open.

Hina Khan:

The highly versatile Akshara of TV means that Hina Khan, after making her identity in the Big Boss, took up her boldness and remained a topic of discussion between the fans.

Shama Sikandar:

Actress Shama Sikandar, who made her mark on TV, also worked in the web series and gave a lot of bold shots. This actress is often seen with boldness in eyes.

Mouni Roy:

The TV serial serpent that Mauni Roy is also spotted in bikini several times, and the silent realities are very bold in real life.

Big Boss finalist Hina Khan photos going viral

Hina Khan's fan following is increasing after the Big Boss. They are making people crazy with their style and fashion day by day. Recently he has shared a picture on social media. In this picture she is seen in the country look.

This photo belongs to a short film. Hina has shared her Twitter account on the topic of getting a short film. With this he has written that 'Thank You Shooting of my short film has started. Will try to post a picture of the set soon.


Top 5 comedy movie series you should watch before you die :- Part 1

If you are a movie lover and watch movies 4 to 5 hours a day and searching for some best of the comedy movies . Here we are presenting the list of top 5 best movie series of comedy genre.

Hangover trilogy (3 Movies)

All three films follows the misadventures of a quartet of friends (also known as "the Wolfpack") who go on their road trip to attend a bachelor party. While all of the films finds three of the four men on a mission to find their missing friend, the first two films focus on the events 

Naked Gun  Trilogy ( 3 films) 

The Naked Gun is a series of American crime comedy films created by Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker. All three films are based on their earlier short-lived ABC television series Police Squad!, which was cancelled after six episodes.

Rush Hour Trilogy(3 films)

The Rush Hour franchise is a series of Chinese-American Comedy  films created by Same director. All three films center on a pair of police detectives: a HongCong Police force  inspector and an American LAPD detective (portrayed by Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker) who go on a series of misadventures often involving corrupt crime figures. 

DUMB AND DUMBER (Three films)

Dumb and Dumber is a series of comedy films starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. The films have been released from 1994 to 2014

The Mask 

It is Romantic comedy superhero type of film
 It revolves around Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey), an unlucky bank clerk who finds a magical mask that grants its wearer Cartoon like super power. 


Why army men's keep short hairs only(foji cut)

Let us know

The military cut, you must have heard this name in your school time, and especially on Sundays. Yes, we are talking about the forces of the army who always keep their hair short. We have always seen them in "military cut"
If you are in the army or know about them, then you will know the reason behind this, but we tell you why the soldiers keep small hair.

When soldiers are moving towards their enemies with their guns, they have to keep an eye on every single move of the enemy, so long hair can hinder them from focusing. Apart from this, if they have long hair, hair may come in front of the eyes even during shooting.

There is also a danger of breaking too long hair, due to which they are broken and sometimes due to breakage of long hair they get stuck in some parts of the gun, which can cause problems in running the gun. That's why the military keeps small hair.

Small hair dries easily after bathing and soldiers sometimes have to cross the rivers and even in the rain the enemies can face, due to which long hair can cause trouble. Therefore, keeping small hair can also prevent them from the dangers of all kinds of weather.

One reason behind keeping the hair short is to say that it is called the look of Army people, such as small hair or military cut you can be easily identified.


How to earn money using BHIM app

How to earn money on every transactions

Now the user who uses mobile wallet such as PhonePe, Tej, Paytm,gets cashback on every transaction. This amount starts from 25 rupees to 300 rupees. Because of cashback, more and more people use the app for all these companies. People used to have no such advantage when using Bhim App.

In December 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Bhim App. Initially, the Bhim App was used by most people, and in August 2017 it had a share of 40.5%. But in February 2018, it dropped to just 5.75 per cent.

The central government has increased the incentives available to the traders for transfers of up to 10,000 rupees to 0.50 per cent. Earlier it was 0.25 percent. For the first time, those who used Bhim App would get a cashback of Rs. 51 for transaction of 100 rupees. After this, there will be 25 rupees per transaction on 20 unique transactions. After this, a cashback of Rs 200 will be given for 100 rupees and 51-100 transactions on 26-50 transactions.


Bad news for Kapil Sharma and His fans

How tragic it is that the TV superstars is going to such a horrible incident . He is constantly taking overdose of medicines.

We are talking about Kapil Sharma here.
Nothing is going right with TV star , it is said that he is taking 20 pills in a Day for realease stress.

After reading this, you might be wondering how it is possible for 20 tablet in one day. It's really hard to believe in it.But one thing is pretty much sure that He lost all his Stardom and respect amongst Audience and Celebs.

Finish the contract with Sharma
Considering this condition of Kapil, producer Hemand Rupal and Ranjit Thakur have finished their contract with Kapil.

New show planning

Sony TV is bringing together new shows with Bharti Singh and Krishna. Kapil said in a conversation with his friend that he is now tired of fulfilling the demand of the people. he wants to be alone.

History is repeating itself..
All these reports can be estimated that Kapil has lost his stardom. History is repeating itself. Bharati and Krishna were back in Colors for replacing the Comedy Nights with Kapil.

Friends become foe

During the Comedy Nights, All of his starcast is like friend and family but now they are all gone . We are talking about Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and Preity Simoes.

Ended due to abuse
Kapil's abusive Behavior tweet has completely Vanished  his image.

Long wait
Sony, along with Bharti and Krishna, can telecast their new comedy show from the launch of almost three months or ten. That is, with the April and May, this show can be telecast by the middle of June. I.e., in total, 2 to 3 months Kapil will stay away from his fans.

Sunil should come to join

If on return, Kapil will be accompanied by his old team i.e. Ali Asghar, Sunil Grover, Preeti Simoes and Sungdha  Mishra. Only then can they get the benefit of their return. Or, again the negative news will be associated with Kapil.


Now this company became the richest company Leaving behind Reliance

Country's largest information technology (IT) company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) crossed the market capitalization level of Rs 6 lakh crore In this way, leaving TCS behind and becoming the most valuable company in the country again.
At the end of today's turnover, TCS's market capitalization stood at Rs 6,00,569.45 crore. In the Bombay Stock Exchange, the company's shares closed at 4.04 per cent higher at Rs 3,137.30 per share. At one time in the day, it rose by 4.46 percent to Rs 3,150 per share.
Market capitalization of RIL was more than Rs. 12,998.89 crores as compared to Rs. 5,87,570.56 crores. Shares of Reliance Industries fell by 0.16 per cent to Rs 927.55 per share.
The top five companies have Reliance Industries after TCS. After this, HDFC Bank ranked fifth with 4,99,892.24 crores, ITC with Rs 3,19,752.53 crores, fourth and Rs 3,06,416.93 crores HDFC was ranked fifth.

Ratan Tata became sad when he was seen as a failed company

It is noteworthy that some days ago, Tata Group Chairman Emeritus became emotional in front of the staff. Indeed, he was unhappy with Tata Motors being a failed company. He had said that the employees of Tata Motors again plan to become the main company of this business. He said that the company's market share has declined in the past four-five years and when the country sees it as a failed company, it is a pain.


Which is your favorite hot IPL anchor

1. Jayanti Anchor

Jayanti is the wife of Indian cricketer Stuart Binny, Jayanti Langar has annexed Starshortas along with IPL. Jayanti Anchor has also anchored in the FIFA World Cup.

2. Archana Vijaya

Archana has become popular in the fourth season of IPL due to her age. Archana has also hosted many superhit cricket shows like Tour Diary for Extra cover Cricket Masala Market.

3. Sonali Nagrani

Sonali is one of Delhi's Famous models and actresses. Sonali has been Femina Miss India International in 2003. Sonali was the first woman anchor of IPL.

4. Rochelle Maria Rao

The most fame model Rochelle won the hearts of millions of people by anchoring in the sixth season of the IPL. It has also named Femina Miss India International in 2012.

Friends, who do you like the best anchoring in these 4 female anchors? You must give your opinion in the comment box.

How do you know our article, please tell us by sharing and commenting. Do not forget to follow us for the information related to the latest IPL spot.

Now you can see IPL 2018 live for free

Star India has paid a huge amount of Rs 16,000 crore for the IPL tournament. At the same time, Star India has purchased rights of other matches to be held in India other than IPL, including 6 thousand crore. Star India has made these rights for the next 5 years.

In the meanwhile, a very good news for cricket fans has come to the fore that this Mahakumbh of T20 will be broadcast on Doordarshan. Let us tell you that at present, a large part of India's population is a visionary of Doordarshan, which will now enjoy its lot.

This information has been given by Prasar Bharati in a tweet made by her official Twitter handle. Prasar Bharati tweeted, "There is good news for those who watch television. Now you will be able to see IPL matches on Doordarshan for the first time.
But knowing this can be a little frustrating as well that you can see the match with an hour delay. Doordarshan will not broadcast the live coverage of these matches, which will broadcast matches for one hour through D-Live. This news will give much pleasure to the IPL fans who will not reach Star India yet. Along with this, it has also been revealed that Doordarshan will not broadcast all IPL matches, it will only broadcast selected matches.


Who was Worlds most successful thug having million of fans

'I have never threatened people for money; people have given me money by adding their hands' ... 'If you have intellect, then you will find out the truth' ... This is a common man Rather a thug told the police. A thug who did not give up prostitutes. She used to go to prostitutes everyday and looted her poisonous liquor and robbed her money and ornaments.
Today we are going to tell you the story of a thug from India that sold 3 times Taj Mahal, 2 times Red Fort and once to the Rashtrapati Bhavan. This big scandal in this world is rarely born in any country. A read-educated man, who made the thug his profession after studying advocacy. In more than 100 cases in 8 states, the police was searching for this thug. 8 times he had escaped from different prisons. One such thug who used Rajiv Gandhi to President Rajendra Prasad's name for the shit Mithilesh Kumar aka Mr. Natwarlal was named after him.

Natwarlal is a name that became synonym and idiotic of Thug. In the seventies, eighty and ninety decades, Natwarlal became the infamous smug of India by giving the events of many thugs after one by one. Though Natwar's activities may be a crime in the eyes of the law, he considered it a social service.
Natwar, who cheated millions of rupees in his lifetime, had said that he lied to people asking for money and people give him what is wrong with him. Not only that, Natwarlal claimed that if the government allows it, he could take off the country's foreign debt through the shit. India's most wanted man remained for several decades due to its deflation.

Natwarlal's real name was Mithilesh Kumar Srivastava and he was an advocate from the profession. He was born in village Bangra, 2 kilometers away from Jiradei village in Siwan district of Bihar. Now Natwarlal is remembered here in the legends.
He sold many historical heritage of India. Yes, this is true. Natwarlal has sold three times the Taj Mahal, twice the Red Fort and once to the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Not only this, at one time he even sold the Parliament House of India.
Natwarlal was mastered to change the way. He once cheated the President Dr. Rajendra Prasad by making fake signatures. Natwarlal was one of his 52 knowledge names. It is said that Natwarlal had cheated the government officials besides Dhirubhai Ambani, industrialists of Tata and Birla incident.

Natwarlal was caught. She was convicted for 113 years. In the list of most wanted criminals, there were more than 100 cases registered in 8 states against Natwarlal. He was arrested nine times in his lifetime, but each time somehow escaped from the clutches of the police. The last time he ran from the police grip, then he was 84 years old. On June 24, 1996, he was being brought to AIIMS hospital from Kanpur jail. He fled from the police team at the New Delhi Railway Station and got away. After this incident, he could never be seen again.

In the 50's and 60's, Natwarlal had cheated the country's big jewelers, moneylenders and businessmen. In more than 100 cases in 8 states, Natwarlal's name was on the list of 'Most Wanted'. The police had arrested Natwarlal 9 times, out of whom he had escaped to dodge the police 8 times.

Singhbhum's court sent Natwarlal to 19 years, Darbhanga's court sentenced to 17 years imprisonment and 2 lakh and a judge of Patna sentenced to 5 years. In Bihar, only Natwarlal was sentenced to more than 100 years. Natwarlal spent 20 years of his life in jail. In 2009, the lawyer of Natwarlal filed a petition for the removal of 100 cases registered against him. According to the petition, Natwarlal was killed on July 25, 2009.
Natwarlal pretended to die and cheated people. In 2009, Natwarlal's lawyer filed a petition for the removal of 100 cases filed against him. He argued that Natwarlal was dead on July 25, 2009. But Natwarlal's brother claims that his death took place 13 years ago in 1996 itself.

Inspired by the life of Natwarlal, a movie was made in Bollywood, Mr. Natwarlal. Amitabh Bachchan was cast in the lead role in the film. Most recently, a movie called Raja Natwarlal has been made, in which the role played by Imran Hashmi
Despite providing criminal cases, the number of Natwarlal fans was not less. The people of his village in Bihar were demanding that


The boy from future now said that these two country will fight a deadliest war in future

Noah has now said that there will be a dangerous war between the two countries and this war will be between North Korea and South Korea. In which North Korea will be defeated and after that the world will be known only by the name of Korea. But people will say North and South Korea only. Like people in the US say North America and South America.

According to the news of dailymail, Noah passed the Lie Detector Test. APEX TV has posted a video of YouTube during the test, which became quite viral. Noah's motive is to tell the world today about the future

What will happen in the world by 2030

* Noah spoke on America's politics that Donald Trump will then become president in 2020.

* Artificial Intelligence will be acquired.

* Humans will wear Google style glasses, technology will reach the next level.

* Cancer treatment, which is considered dangerous disease, will also be easily found.

* Bitcoin's popularity will increase as well as coins will be given as much attention as possible.


The girl from Hayat and Murat is Supercute

While Everyone is busy looking this Sweet and cute girl Name Hayat but many of them know her real name . 
Also a misconception about her or her videos is that she is from Pakistan or iran etc. But not . If you don't know her Follow this post and We will give you some clue about her 

Hande Erçel was born on 24 November, 1993. She is a Turkish television actress and model. She is known for portraying as Selin Yilmaz in Güneşin Kızları and as Hayat Üzün in Aşk Laftan Anlamaz.

Murat and Hayat are the two name which are trending from a long time because of their perfect relationship in the episodes of “Ask Laftan Anlamaz (TV Series 2016)” and because of their relationship, the two characters Murat & Hayat are very popular in the TV series as well as in the video songs specially in Asian region Mainly in India and Pakistan. 

The real name of Hayat is “Hande Erçel” and Murat is “Burak Deniz”. 

Check out "Hayat" Photos

Fees of Famous Indian Singers

These are Bollywood's most expensive singers
These Playback Singers of Bollywood recieve  a lot of money from one of their songs.
3rd party images 

Shreya Ghoshal - Shreya takes Rs 18 to 20 lakh for a song.

Arijit Singh - Arijit takes 14 to 18 lakh rupees for one of his songs.

Honey Singh-Honey Singh takes Rs 15 lakhs for a song.

Mika Singh- Punjabi Rockster takes 13 lakh rupees for a song.

Sunidhi Chauhan - Sunidhi Chauhan takes 11 lakh rupees for one song.

Sukhwinder Singh - takes one to sing his song about 9-10 lakhs.

Sonu Nigam - Sonu takes 9 lakh rupees for singing a song.

Mohit Chauhan - Mohit sings in Tollywood with Bollywood, they take around Rs 8 lakh for a song.

Vishal-Shekhar - These two take 10 lakh rupees for a song.

Neha Kakkad - Neha Kakad takes Rs 8 lakh for a song.

Neeti Mohan - 6 lakh rupees for a song.

So in comment box let us know your Favourite Indian singer and remind us if we forget someone to add in the list.