These 5 hollywood movies shoot in india

In our country India, it is beautiful to see the beauty of what is not anywhere else in the whole world, whether it is the fort of Jaipur or the laws of Kashmir.
That is why India is considered to be very good for shooting in the film world and this has led many Hollywood films to be shot in India. Today we will tell you about the top 6 Hollywood films that have been shot in India.

James Bond.

The shooting of the James Bond series in the 1983 film Octopussi was shot in Udaipur. This is the only James Bond film that has been shot in India. Actor Kiran Bedi also appeared in the film.


People like Marvel's superhero blockbuster film Avengers who were released in 2012, but did you know that some part of the film was shot in Kolkata? In this film, the superhero Hulk's playwright, Banner, meets in Kolkata, who are called to join the team of the Avengers.

Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-Man homecoming was widely appreciated all over the world but the people in India were very surprised when they saw their favorite hero Iron Man in Tony Stark in an Indian house which was seen in an Indian wedding. Actually this scene was shot in the US so that Marvel could make his Indian fans happy.

mission imposible.

There was a lot of shooting at the Mission Impossible series 'Fall Out' in Mumbai and Bangalore. In the film, Indian actor Anil Kapoor appeared in a key role. During the shoot, Anil Kapoor's Tom Cruise was flown to India, many of which were seen on social media.

zero Dark Thirty.

This film is made on the mission of killing Osama bin Laden, which was performed in the quiet silence of America. Actually, this incident was from Pakistan, because the producers wanted to shoot in Pakistan but due to the absence of permission, this film was shot in Chandigarh.

Bat man

The shooting of the Bat Man Superhero series 'Dark Knight Rises' went to Mahangad Fort Jodhpur. Prior to the shooting of the film, the director had come to Rajasthan to visit and he liked this place and was shot in Jodhpur for a film-breaking sequence of the film.

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