Robot solve Rubik cube in just 0.38 sec

Scientist have created a robot who solve rubik cube in 0.38 sec. Which was a record in its own league.The current Guinness World Record for a Rubik’s cube solved by a robot is 0.637 seconds.
Robot and Rubik cube

The robot was built by Ben Katz, a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and software developer Jared Di Carlo, who posted the video of the robot in action.

“The machine can definitely go faster, but the tuning process is really time consuming since debugging needs to be done with the high speed camera, and mistakes often break the cube or blow up the transistor,” Katz wrote in the blog post.

“We noticed that all of the fast Rubik’s Cube solvers were using stepper motors and thought that we could do better if we used better motors,” Di Carlo wrote in a separate blog post.

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