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A list of the powerful forces from around the world has been released by Global Firepower. This list places 133 countries of the world. In this list, where US forces are the most powerful in the world, China is number Two. India is at number four in this list. India has been number four in this list for the last three years. The neighboring country is Pakistan's number 13th. Global Fire Power on this list says that our aim is to assess armies in such a way that they are technically rich and compete with other countries.
Top 10 Powerful Armies

America number one and China number two
List of US number one, China number two, Russia number three and then India's number. France is the fifth military after the country of France This is followed by the names of UK, Japan, Turkey, Germany and some such countries. Pakistan was last included in the top 15 countries' armies.
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At the same time, China has retreated from Russia to second place. China now has more navy ships and aircraft than Russia. However, Russia have upper hand on China in terms of tanks.

These included military resources, natural resources, industry and geographical conditions besides manpower. Both India and China have been given more numbers than the rest of the country.

India, Pakistan and China
According to Global Fire Power estimates, India is far ahead of China compared to military forces. Where India has 4,207,250 military forces, China has only 3,712,500 But China is heavily burdened with India due to the number of active soldiers. China has 2,260,000 active troops, while India has 1,362,500 active trup├ęs. The number of Reserve Troops in India is 2,844,750, while China has only 1,452,500 Reserve Troops.

Nuclear Weapons Not Included

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