If you are jio user then this news is for you

There is another good news for jio users. Jio TV users will be able to use another great feature from tomorrow. Jio Users will get a chance to see the best feature in the matches played in Sri Lanka. From tomorrow on the jio TV app, you will be able to watch the match according to your 'Nidhassa Trophy'. This means that the users themselves will be able to determine which side they want to watch. The camera with which they want to watch the match, the language in which the commentary you want to listen can select it according to your own.

Jio users get the advantage

Jio Director Akash Ambani himself announced this and told that users who live on the jio TV app can enjoy cricket in any angle or whatever language. He told that the new viewing experience will be a better experience. He told that after this feature people are changing the view of sports. He said that jio will continuously enhance the experience of watching the game by adding new Peachers to it.

Angle to be set with your will

In this new feature of jio, users will be able to enjoy the game by electing their favorite finger. Users can enjoy a match from five different camera angles. Not only this, you can also select the language according to your mind. You can listen to commentary in Hindi, or in English, or in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. You can choose them by yourself.

All information in one click

Not only this, while watching the match through the live TV app, you can get the score, over and other details of the match through a single click. Not only this, you can see the recordings of matches, things like highlights, at their timetable time.
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