How to Port Aircel Number To Vodafone | Follow these steps

If you are facing call drops in Aircel network Then it is because many telecom company not providing interlinking to Aircel network. Because aircel is going to Default at any time. So it is better to Port your number to other network.
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If you want to port Prepaid number

1) First,  open your message box and type PORT space and your 10-digit mobile number. Here's an example, suppose your mobile number is 91XXXXX777, they your message should be - PORT 91XXXXX777. Send this message to 1900.
2) Once you send the  message, you will get two Message in return. Once, for the confirmation that you are willing to port your number and second message will come a few hours later with a Unique Port Code (UPC) [note: UPC last for 30days]
3) In case you are porting a prepaid Aircel number to Vodafone Prepaid SIM, visit the nearest Vodafone store along with your Aadhaar Card and other supporting documents such as address proof.
4) Provide your porting code UPC and document to the store. Once you submit all these details, you will get a new Vodafone SIM with same number.

If you want to port Postpaid number

1) Call the Vodafone customercare or visit the nearest store  to select the best plan for you and confirm details.
2) vodafone will send a representative to you at your convenient time
3) Provide Aadhaar details & UPC code to Vodafone representative. He will give you a new Vodafone SIM card

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