175 death in America every day by the durgs

Washington: President Donald Trump says he will demand death penalty for serious drug trafficking. He said that he will also strictly enforce the instructions of the conviction under the efforts of dealing with drugs. In the US, 175 people die every day from drugs. According to the news agency Efe, Trump had gone to New Hampshire on Monday to deal with the crisis, where he would demand a vote for drug smugglers from the Justice Department.

At present, there is no provision for capital punishment for such crimes under the current laws of the country. Trump said in his address in Manchester, "The problem of drug addiction in the US will be stopped, it will stop, failure is not an option, we will prepare American children's intoxicants." In Manchester Community College, "Initiative to Stop Opioid Abuse" During the campaign launch, Attorney General Jeff Sessions along with Trump and First Lady Melania Trump and several members of the cabinet were present. During this, Trump said, "We have to strictly adhere to these people, these are horrific people, including the death penalty, they have taken thousands of lives in their lives, and still they are caught and lost in 30 days. "Trump fight against drugs.
Let America's President Donald Trump last year said in a letter to Colombian counterpart Juan Manuel Santos that he is concerned about the drug cultivation in Colombia in a widespread manner. According to a letter written on October 24, Trump had demanded to reduce the production of narcotics from Santos and to prevent drug trafficking in order to prevent them from coming to America. The US president said that he had signed a declaration in September in which he expressed concern about the production of coca in a wider scale and the production of cocaine in Colombia.

In his letter, Trump had written that I am expressing this concern because I have promised to the people of America that we will prevent the smuggling of cross-border drug trafficking and the production of narcotics in Colombia and the elimination of smuggling. For us, we need your help.
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