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These Bollywood movies will based on Historical facts

Those days were gone when bollywood used to make garbage movies. Now bollywood is on High ride with historical based film . In the previous Times many movies released which is Pretty Average just like  Jodha Akbar , Veer the list is very small. But in upcoming year Many Movie based on Historical fact comes in Big screen With Lots of VFX.

 1. Thugs of Hindustan(2018):
Google Image
The story based on Before Independence of India there is a Gang Called themselves Thugs . 
Film.feature with amazing and big starcast like Aamir khan , Amitabh bacchan, Katrina kaif and Fatima Sana seikh . Budget of this film is around 180cr.

 2. Manikarnika: the Queen of Jhansi (2018):
Google image
Movie based on Rani laxmi Bai life. And the lead role is Kangna Ranaut. It will be a treat to watch her .

3. Tanaji the unsung Warrior (2019):
Google image 
This film based on Maharaja Chhatrapati Shivaji regime .   The lead role of Film is Ajay Devgan. 

4. Chhatrapati Shivaji (2018):
Google image
 In the film Maharaja Chhatrapati Shivaji life will be shown. the film's budget could be 250 crore . and the film feature  Ritesh Deshmukh in Lead role .

5. sons of Sardar: the battle of saragarhi (2019):
Google image 
The film based on 21 Sikh warrior who fought against Afghan Intruder. The lead role in this film is Ajay Devgan also he is the Director too.

Another movie name Battle of Saragarhi Is made but with different starcast including Randeep hooda . Also Akshay's Movie Kesri having same story line .  And all these film is going to realease in 2018. 


Man claimed that he return form year 2030

In the US, the man said very shocking, that he returned in 2030 and returned. Not only that, he has made such claims about the future which people are still not convinced. Recently, this person named Noah has told these stories in an interview to a US radio channel. Surprisingly, this person has proved to be true even in the Lei Detector Test. Such claims made ...
- Noah claims that he has gone in 2030. He first predicted the American president Donald Trump, that Trump will be re-elected President of America after all the disputes.
- Noah said, in 2020, Donald Trump will win the election again. At the same time, such robots will be with us, who will handle our entire house alone.
- Noah also claimed that by the year 2020, mobile phones will be multiplied by expectation.
- In 2028, humans will start coming to Mars and in this year time travel and time machine will become commonplace.
- Noah further said that in the near future, cancerous diseases like cancer can be treated easily.

Some did trust, some said mad
Most of the claims made by Noah were possible, which were possible in the eyes of technology but some claims were difficult to believe. But in a show, Noah was given a league detector with these claims, which showed that he was telling the truth. After this many people are also trusting them. On the other hand, he is being told as a madman on social media.


List of awaited marvel studio 2018 movies

In May of this year, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will start 10 years. You have told that Marvel Cinematic Universe is now in third phase, last and last movie was Thor Ragnaroke release in November last year. Marvel started the first phase with Iron Man on May 2, 2008 and ended with the 2012 avangars released. Similarly in 2013, Iron Man 2 started Phase 2 and ended in 2015 with Aunt Men. Later in 2016, Captain America launched Phase 3 from the Civil War, which still holds 5 movies for the release.

Black Panther
Directed by Ryan Cooper, the trailer of this movie has already been released on YouTube. In this film released on February 16 this year, Chadwick Bosman will be seen as Black Panther, who had left the imprint in the heart of Fans from Captain America Civil War.

Avangers Infinity War and its sequel
The Russian version is the third edition of the Aviation Infinity War Arrangers guided by Russian brothers, which will be released this year in India on April 27 and in the US on May 4. The sequel of this movie will be released on May 3, 2019, which is untitled, directed by Rousseau's brother.

Ant Man and the Wasp
This movie made in the decision of Payton Reid will be released on July 6, 2018. The shooting of this movie has just ended, but the post production work still remains the same.

Captain Marvel
Marvel Cinematic Universe's first female lead movie will be released on March 8, 2019. Directed by Anna Bowden and Ryan Flake, this movie will be seen in Brie Larsen Lead Roll.

Sequel of Spider-Man Homecoming
The movie being released on July 5, 2019 has not kept any titles yet. John Watts will give this film the order. Spider-Man homecoming was very liked. Hope this movie will also get the same success.


Surajkund mela 2018 : the world largest hand craft mela

surajkund is an ancient reservoir of 10th century state in faridabaad .distance from south delhi around 8 km. Meaning of suraj-kund lake of Sun. it is located in aravalli hills ..

suraj- kund mela attractive year by year its is best platform for skilled craftsmen and other Saarc .

in this mela many craft men come across all over India and other country as well to show there talent .
its is organized every every year in 40 acres with more than 1000 stalls thw mela timing is 10 am to
 8 :30.
every stall is in traditional looking for before the 10 th century.

in hare you have to purchase entry ticket

Normal price tikit 120 in weekdays and 60 for student and senior citizion
and 180 weedend

handcraft item.
there are many stall that sale hand made craft item they are looking very colorful and they are veery use fur to decorate home or office, and many other place,.

cultural activities

There are many place where perform some cultural activities perform like bhangara dhol dancing..

Every actives show there state and culture to everyone to know there cultures.

in this pic a stage show are perform.
this show shows the all nation are one and india will always help

for every subordinate country to support for there culture

Kashi vishwanath
Kashi vishwanath
Hare main road is starting is created mini model of kashi vishwanath where you see the very small deatail in road

Hand made item 

there are many hand made item available
In mela there are different state of indian state theams like up(utter pardesh) haryana,

The item is created by hand and basic machine
Hand craft

Table and chairs 


Amusement park
There are a small amusement park there you can go for ride there and take enjoy 
Ride are good and cheap


there are many food stall of differnet state of india as as well other country and college student also there for there food stall 


These are some Internet Sensation of India

Form Priya prakash varrier to Dhinchak pooja Everybody is getting viral on social media overnight. First Pakistani Chaiwalla, then Dhinkar Pooja and now the eye-girl Priya Prakash Varrier. There was another one with him who was getting viral with Shah Rukh Khan's Selfie, whose name was Simon Hussein Mir
Priya prakas varrier

Yes, we have heard about all of them. But you still have the most live trend, Priya Prakash whose A smile has melted everyone. Yes, a smile of Priya and the wink of her eye was melted Even a Sakth launda. There will hardly be any remaining who will have escaped it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, so far this girl is now on Google. 

So let's tell you about all these today.

* Priya prakash Varrier -
Priya prakas varrier wink 

This is a Malayalam actress who is fond of releasing the song "Oru Adaar Love" on YouTube. She got Million of  Follower in A single day  and she have  become Google's third most searched personality.

Watch her Video Here

* Arshad Khan -
Arshad Khan : 3rd party image 

The Pakistani Chawlawala is somewhere else today, winning the hearts of everyone with his blue eyes. This did nothing less on the Internet. Arshad got an offer from a model agency after the photo was viral and it came into discussion overnight. Millions of timbers have made their fan.

* Saima Hussein Mir -
Saima Hussain "Selfie girl" : 3rd party Image 

Shah Rukh Khan was going everywhere to promote his film 'Raees'. And in such a way, he also has selfies with his fans. In one of the selfie' One photo of a girl  which became an internet sensation overnight and everyone want to know "Who's that girl im SRK selfie". Yes, this is Syma Hussain, a third year student of Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID) Pune. In This Timeframe , she got more than thousands of  marriage proposals.

* Dhinkar Pooja -
Dhinchak pooja : 3rd party Image 

You know her very well, ofcourse How can you forget her voice and her voice. Even if her loved ones are on low, but with the voice of the INTERNET she become Tehelka on youtube.

Her name is Pooja Jain, a student of Delhi University. She kept everyone upset with songs such as 'Swag wali topi', 'Afreen Bewafa ', 'Selfie maine leli aaj '. Recently, she was also seen in Big Boss 11 as a Wild card , from where it was dropped two weeks later.

*Om prakash Mishra
Om prakash miMish

He is same as Dhinchak pooja or you can Consider him Lady Dhinchak . Best known for his "Aunty ki ghnty" song. Which went Viral in 2017  but Originally sung in 2012 . He went into Controversy and Get Supported by Many of his Fans in bad time also Big star such as Raftaar Took his side on Quint-Neon Issue.

*Shahid alvi
Shahid Alvi "Bhai bhai bhai"

The superstar Shahid alvi Is also in the list . His "Bhai bhai bhai " Become viral as soon as It hit the Internet. It become The  best Meme of 2017 . The video was based on Poor condition of Roads and Shahid (Reporter) was Complaint about it in camera . Suddely he stepped into a "Gaddha" and rest is history . 

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priya prakash internet sensation Another sensual video leak on 13 feb

These days, a girl is on social media. Photos and videos of actress Priya Prakash varrier of Malayalam films are becoming viral like a fire on social media. Another video of Priya's movie has been launched on Valentine's Day, which became viral when the video came. In a few hours, millions of people watched the video and shared it.

In this new teaser, Priya seems to have given her boyfriend a frying boy in classrooms. Priya's paid up in the teacher is once again making people crazy. The expression of Priya has once again caught the attention of the people. Priya's upcoming Malayalam movie 'Uru Adar Love' has made her a star of the night. Within a few hours, his followers have reached thousands in lakhs.

Her followers on Instagram went up to 9.9 million, while Twitter became 35 million followers. Priya's video has been seen more than 10 million times. People searched so much about Priya Prakash that they overtook Sunny Leoni in Google search in one day and no one became a search star. People have made them a national crush. Watch Priya's new teaser for the movie .....

Video link

Edited version
Link 1
link 2
Original version
Link 1

Priya prakash varrier teaser song download

The story of in  this the girl (priya p. Varrier) she was act as school girl and she do some facial expressions that everyone love it with her smile and shyness and everone attarected she was world in 3rd no of following she will get broad of followers now she have 1.6 m followers in instagram.
Video download

Video 240
Video 320
Video 480
Video 720
Video 1080

Some edits versions


Priya Prakash Varrier New Internet Sensation,Disha Patani or Emma Watson : Who is the crush of Indian Boys

Priya Prakash Varrier , Disha Patani or Emma Watson : Crush Crisis for Indian Boys.

Well Internet is a strange world where the people can make a superstar In Just a Single night. In previous year We saw a Chai wala From pakistan to whom internet users praised well. And now it is the time for New Internet sensation girl "Priya Prakash varrier ". Peoplw are drooling over her As they can't resist her charm in the video .
Her expression is so cute and Innocent that even the Sakth laundey going to  blush badly . She was looking very beautiful in that video. Also the Picturization of that scene is also perfect . People also called her "The new internet crush" or some of them demands to Modi government to declare her as "The national crush of india ". 

But this is not the first time that internet is going mad over a girl specially we Indian . We have a long history of internet Crushes From Katrina kaif to Priya prakash .
Priya Prakash Varrier

So right now we are presenting the 3 Most famous Crushes   of Indian Boys

3. Emma Watson

She is the oldest crush of boys and she has been remember for "our Childhood crush". She brags our heart with her charming smile and beautiful face also one of our favourite actress of all time.
Emma watson
she best known as .Hermoine in Harry Potter series . Here are some other adorable pictures of her
Emma Watson`1

Emma Watson 

2. Priya Prakash Varrier 

If you have been on social media lately, you would have seen her photos spamming your newsfeed. Priya Prakash Varrier is an Indian film actress who’s about to debut in a Malayalam film titled ‘Oru Adaar Love’.

here are some of her picture

Priya P Varrier

Priya P Varrier

Priya P Varrier

Priya P Varrier

Priya P Varrier

1. Disha Patani 

If you never heard her name .. So it may be possible that you are form Mars . People Loses thier Heart and Mind After first seeing her in Cadbury Chocklate Advertisement . Now she is Declared "HeartThrobe Of India". Here are some picture of disha patani .
Disha Patani 

Disha Patani 

Disha Patani 

Disha Patani 

Disha Patani 

Disha Patani

So Now you Tell us Whom do you like. Leave your Comment below the article and let us know your feeling . And also if you enjoy this article . Share us on facebook