What is in Prime Minister's Suitcase

If you have seen Salman Khan's bodyguard film, you will know how much trouble the bodyguards face in real life, if you talk about it, in the country's Prime Minister's bodyguard, then this is even more responsible work. All the security of the Prime Minister is done only on his bodyguards, it must have often seen that a briefcase is in the hands of the prime minister's bodyguards. He has always thought of what happens in the end. Let us now tell you today.

A Special Protection team works with the Prime Minister, they are also called SPGs, they are given special training so that they can face every hazard. They are also called Black Cat Commando because their eyes and ears are always alert.
Third party image reference

In this briefcase, there is a nuclear button, which is transformed into a shield even after seeing it is quite thin to see. Actually this is boltproof whenever the danger appears, bodyguards use it.
This is kept away from the Prime Minister because that whenever a bullet arrives on them, it can be used. There is a place in it where guns can be hidden so that it can be used at the time of danger.

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