Tizer Zinda hai Total World wide collection

Salman Khan's movie Tiger Jinda hai completed 25 days at the box office. The film has earned over 327 crores in India .. And now it has become Salman Khan's highest-grossing movie. No doubt this is a box office box performance.
Nonetheless, not only in India .. but Tiger is alive, is making huge money in overseas. According to reports, the film will soon be taking entry to the 600 million club at the Worldlide Box Office. Soon there too, Tiger Bajrangi will leave Bhaijaan behind.
Tiger zinda hai
Right now, Tiger is alive and earning 8 days. After the release of Padman and Padmavat on January 25, the film's earnings will be reinforced. But hopefully by then, Tiger will have followed Aamir Khan's PK.

Here are some of the records that Tiger is alive is broken-
Biggest weekend
With 114.93 crores, Tiger is alive, has become the highest-grossing Bollywood movie.
Salman Khan's biggest movie
Tiger is alive behind Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Salman Khan's highest-grossing film has become.
The biggest single day earnings
The biggest earning movie on Singles Day has also become Tiger is alive. The film has earned 45.53 crores on the first Sunday.
Katrina's biggest film
Tiger is alive Katrina Kaif's biggest movie has been proved. Recently, Tiger has left Dhoom 3 behind.
Yash Raj's biggest film
Right there .. Tiger is alive, Yash Raj banner has become one of the highest earning films ever.
Salman Khan's special record
Salman Khan is at the top of the club with 3 films in the 300 million club. While with 2 films, Aamir Khan is on second place.
Fastest 150 Cr
Tiger is alive, even the fastest crossing film has reached 150 crore.
200 million club
This is Salman Khan's fifth movie in the 200 million club.
100 million club
At the same time, this is Salman Khan's 12th film in 100 crores club .. which is more than any other superstars than anyone.
Biggest franchisee
This is also the most earning sequel movie.

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