The person behind the Big Boss sound is leaked check here

Bigg Boss 11th season is over. It is being said that it is more interesting all the seasons. Every time the contestants change in this game, they do not change Big Boss and their voice. In such a case after the end of the show it is necessary to know who has the face behind this powerful voice.

Big Boss has a strong voice of Atul Kapoor. Atul is 43 years old and works as a voice over artist. The magic of his voice is that every contester who goes here goes on saying that he can not forget this voice. Let's say that Atul Kapoor has spent a lot of time in the radio industry too. In such a way, the rule of their balanced voice is consistent with Riyaz and a long experience.

You might be surprised to know this
You may be surprised to know that Atul Kapoor is also imprisoned in a room like Big Boss contestants. There are many screens in this room which Atul Kapoor keeps track of every task and activities. You must have seen during the show that if something is going wrong then the voice of the Big Boss is immediately echoed.

However, for Atul Kapoor, this detention is not much harder. They can go out for the necessary things, but in those days they can not give much time to meet their friends and family members.

The rules of the house of Big Boss are stricter
In the house of Big Boss, you can not take any material for reading. You must have seen how Contestant Development Gupta of Season 11 was in the middle of the pen-copy jugaad to write his stories but could not get it. Apart from Bond, the agreement has also got a lot of sympathy on speaking out about the show. It has to be done after the players go out of the house.

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