South Superstar Anushka shetty's "Bhagmati" Trailer is out

We know Anushka Shetty from Bahubali film. Wearing a big nose in the nose, a woman who loves to break away from Amarender Bahubali, who later improvises the gullible. Anushka's acting is not only how powerful her screen presentation is, but we have already seen it. And once again to see.

Anushka Shetty's new film is 'Bhagmati'. Not coming easy, like the storm. Horses will be seen by watching the trailer.

Seeing the trailer, it is known that Anushka has become an officer in this. It happens that they are locked in a big bungalow. Where he is climbed up the ghost After that, looking at Anushka, I miss the forgotten manjulika. Like a queen, she sits on the throne and says, people can not come here on their own because they are the home of Bhagmati.

Ashok ji is the director of the film G does not mean 'yes' Like Parle G The film has Anushka with Malayalam actors Unni Mukundan, Asha Sharad and Jairam. Asha Sharad is the same, who had also rolled the police in the Oriental scene, Tabu wala. The film also became a cop in the film.

It seems that after many days, a great ghostly picture will be seen.
Our superstars still appear in the movies on Hirone Side. The whole church lives near the hero. In such a scenario, seeing the power of Anushka, the future of our cinema seems to be going well. Looking at Anushka in the trailer, even if the film goes out, Anushka is going to do terrible things.
The film will be released on January 26. And 25 will be released 'Padmavat'. So set a holiday. And wait for Hindi dubbing.

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