Sanjay Leela Bhansali Promise to make Rowdy Rathore 2

At this time, there would have never been a happy Gajanan Kajol and if you are very funny then it will continue to be said.
Akshay Kumar knows exactly how to mildly mood. There was a press conference where Bhansali and Akshay were there and the mountain of questions on Bhansali broke.
Akshay saw the opportunity and saved Bhansali from every question and he did all the Focus on his side. He started jokingly and said that I have stepped up my film and Bhansali has promised me that Rowdy Rathore 2 instead of that.
Just what was the mood got lighter on its own? Indeed, before this Bhansali had become quite emotional and said that this move of Akshay would not be forgotten by my life. He used to make rhythms for the Akshay from the media and then roaming around himself.

Just Akshay started his magic and cast rowdy Rathore to lighten the mood. Not really everyone is just a favorite of Akshay. And the opening of the 2018 is fantastic from that.
Even before becoming a superhero, he has become a real superhero of truth, for the entire team of Padmavat and for fans of Bollywood who are waiting for Padmavat.

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