Reliance Jio 84 days plan are Now revised , Check out price

Mukesh Ambani's telecom company Reliance Jio has given many gifts to Indian consumers after launch. Due to the cheap Internet values ​​given by Reliance GO, there has been a huge increase in the number of Internet subscribers in the country. Along with that, other telecom companies have also made huge cuts in their plans.

Recently, Reliance Jio has made significant changes to its internet tariff plan. He has introduced several old schemes in the new form, before the consumer recharged 459 rupees for the 84 day plan. Now Reliance GO has launched a new scheme for consumers.

Now consumers can get the benefit of 84 GB internet facility for 84 days, they are also only on 399 recharge. Apart from this, a new scheme has also been started for Reliance GO Consumer with 398. Consumers will be given 1.5 GB internet for 70 days per day. Consumers are seen to a large extent after the offer of Reliance GO. It is notable that after the advent of Reliance Geo, the value of Internet in India has become very cheap. Because of this, the general public is also taking advantage of high speed 4G internet 

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