Now see what did Priynka chopra had done which shock the fans

Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson has praised the co-stars of the movie "Beauchatch", which includes Priyanka Chopra. He said that he really loves all artists and appreciates their work. Johnson shared his picture on Twitter on Twitter with his co-stars Priyanka Chopra, John Bass, Jack Ephron, Illfenish Heathera, Alexandra Dadrio and Kelly Rourbach.

Johnson said while sharing the picture, "I really love and appreciate every good person. Priyanka Chopra, John Bass, Jack Afron, Illfenish Hadera, Alexandra Dadrio and Kelly Rourbach ... all from their extraordinary qualities and values. It raises its height. "

Johnson said that all the performers in the film have done a great job. Priyanka will be seen in negative role as Victoria Leeds in the movie "Bevoch". He replied while responding to Johnson's tweet, "And we also love you .. The rock .. 'Bevoach' .. May 25."

Tell you that Priyanka was giving an interview during the film's premiere, only then were the rock passing through it. Suddenly he stopped, what did he do on Priyanka's cheek and went smiling.

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