People in my bad times did not even take my call: Anil Ambani

Reliance Group chairman Anil Ambani has given some interviews after 10 years. In his interview, all such things have come out, which you will be surprised after knowing. This interview has been done by the English newspaper ET.

Looking for new possibilities

Talking to Anil Ambani, Reliance Communications shares these days. RCom shares were seen steadily in the same way as Anil Ambani said that debt settlement of 45 thousand crore rupees was to be terminated. RCom's shares rose to Rs 38 from 11 rupees. Right now, RCom shares are running around 32 rupees. However, Anil Ambani had to sell his wireless business to end the loan. Reliance Infra had to deal with Adani. Yet among all this, Anil Ambani has already become strong and he is exploring the possibility of doing big business in the future.

People did not even answer my call: Anil Ambani

Talking to the Economic Times, Anil Ambani said that, in his worst time, he knew who was his true friend. Anil Ambani said that this was his hard time, in which few people supported him. Meanwhile, Anil Ambani also told that many people did not answer their phone calls, they did not want to have any relationship with them.

Ultimately, the victory of truth is: Anil

Anil Ambani further said in his interview that, in such a way, in time it is known who is with you and who is not. At the same time, when acquitted in the 2G case, he said that truth finally prevails. He said that no company or person should be ashamed of nothing and false allegations should be made, credentials take many years and it can end in a moment.

I am not rich, nor am I famous: Anil

Asked to Anil Ambani of ET that if he had to pay the price of being wealthy and famous, Anil Ambani replied that neither he is rich nor famous Anil Ambani is not sorry to sell his wireless business. Although he had the potential to merge with Airtel, Vodafone and Aircel, but he could not succeed.

Turns hard times into an opportunity

Anil Ambani said in an interview with ET that, "We tried to convert the difficult clock into an opportunity, we decided to exit the mobility business because it was harming us. Let me tell you that RCM has made a deal to sell the wireless business to Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Geo Infocom for Rs 24,000 crore.

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