Now you can use your phone in Airlines

Telecom Regulators Authority of India (TRAI) has recommended the government to provide passenger and internet service during the air travel. In its proposal on TRAI, TRAI said that the permit should be given to use services like Satellite and Teestrelal Network for Internet and Mobile Communication On Board (MCA).
Service at a special height
- TRAI said that a special category will be created to provide mobile and internet service and the service will be provided from the same network. But it is also a condition that the height of the plane should be at least 3,000 meters or about nine thousand feet. After the flight of a plane, after reaching a certain height, this service will be available.

- TRAI said that while providing internet service through Wi-Fi onboard, it should be ensured that electronic devices are in flight or airplane mode only. Also, immediately before passage of the plane the passenger will be informed about this.

License fees 1 rupee annually
- According to TRAI, separate categories for making mobile and internet in air travel. One who offers this service using Indian Satellite System and the other who use foreign satellites. Such operators will have to register with the telecom department. The condition here is that the operators should be Indian. At present, its license fees will be 1 rupee annually.

Telecom Department cleared the rest
- These providers can offer service from leased based foreign satellite through Indian satellite system or space department. Telecom Department had asked TRAI's advice on providing Internet and mobile and video telephone services in the flight on August 10 last year. Once the telecom department has got the approval, these services will be available in all the flights in the Indian Air Border. Domestic airlines and travelers have been seeking this approval for a long time. They are already running in many countries including the US.

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