Militants power of India and Pakistan

The competition between India and Pakistan is nothing new. Both countries can also be seen competing with each other in international institutions.
 These competitions, which have been going on since 1947, are sometimes seen in the battlegrounds, and sometimes in economic-social perspective. But today we will see how the military power of these two countries stays in front of each other.

While India's annual defense budget is 55. 9 billion dollars, the budget of Pakistan is 7. $ 5 billion. But there is a difference that is big and important - where this budget of India is 2.5 percent of its GDP, the Pakistan budget is 3.5 percent of its GDP.

According to a website where the number of defense personnel in India is more than twenty-one million, in Pakistan it is around 7 million. Where India has around four thousand tanks, at the same time, Pakistan is close to two and a half thousand. Rocket Artillery India has around three hundred, so at the same time close to Pakistan, the number is close to one hundred thirty.

India is also ahead in the air sector, where India has 2216 aircraft, while Pakistan has 1380 numbers.

Considering all these figures, it can be said that India has a strong military power in comparison to Pakistan.

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