Last word of Saddam hussain Before Death sentence

Former Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein was hanged on December 30, 2006 for the murder of hundreds of innocent people.
Saddam hussain Before Death sentence

American Intelligence Agency CIA's Inspector John Nixon says that in the last days of Saddam's last life in prison, when I asked Saddam about his views about Iran, his tone changed completely and that he Could not hide their hatred about.
Nixon says that whenever the name of Iran came during the conversation, Saddam became distraught.

Saddam said that Iranians are not dependable people They all consider liars. First of all, one thing says, then themselves behave in the opposite. The nature of the Iranian is something like this.
Iran wants to increase its supremacy in the Arab world in the name of Islam. They think that if they get an opportunity, they will lead the movement of freedom of Betul Mukaddas (Jerusalem). They think that the Arab world can lead.

Even before climbing the gallows, Iraqi people continued to persuade Iran to stay alert.

Although Iran is a country that is helping the Palestine in the entire Arab world, which Hamas has also openly said.

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