Government Give you Advance if have a Plot

If you also have your own plot then the new government plan will prove to be beneficial for you. Under the new scheme of government, land owners will be given advance money to build houses. Actually the Central Government has a resolution that every person should have his own house by 2022. Under the Prime Minister's Residential Planning (PMAY) scheme, the government is giving subsidy on home loans. Now for the sake of housing, the UPA Government has given great relief to the financially vulnerable people who own land in the urban mission.
50 thousand Advance

Under the PMAY scheme, the application of the beneficiaries of the fourth category will be accepted and 50 thousand rupees will be transferred to the lump-sum account for the construction of the building. While the system was yet to take up the building after the application was accepted. The first installment foundation went after the foundation. This move of the government will benefit lakhs of people.
Money will come in three installments
Under the new rules the beneficiaries will be given a second installment of Rs 1.50 lakh before the lancet (roof). On completion of the construction work, 50 thousand rupees will be given as the last installment. Chief Secretary Manoj Kumar Singh has issued the order in this regard. In this way, a total of 2.50 lakh rupees will be given to help the beneficiary to build a house.
Housing four categories of urban mission
Under the Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana, housing urban mission for everyone has been divided into four categories. In this, the first loan based interest subsidy scheme, using the form of second land, involves construction and expansion of affordable housing (AHP) in the third part of Slum redevelopment and beneficiary-based personal accommodation in the last category. People of this skin are taking great advantage. The central government has a dream that every person should have their own house till 2022.
Relief given in review at the governance level
Beneficiaries of construction and extension of beneficiary-based personal accommodation category are given by 1.50 lakh centers and one lakh by the state government. Upon acceptance of the application in the earlier rules, 40% amount was given on the completion of the construction level by the beneficiary on completion of the construction work. A review in the governance level showed that most of the beneficiaries in this category are economically weak so that they can not build their resources from the foundation level.

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