Gautam Gambhir and Shah Rukh Khan have had a fight with these causes

KKR owner Shahrukh Khan has done amazing in the 11th season of IPL, did not give Gautam Gambhir the most important player of his team; When Gambhir, the KKR team has won the IPL twice in his captaincy, the decision of Shah Rukh Khan There was no one thought that KKR would not make Gautam Gambhir the same, but the same two players from the West Indies, Sunil Narine and Andre Russell, have been playing KKR for the past several years. There were several ways to play Gautam Gambhir by KKR franchisees.

So let's know what is that which is why the KKR team management did not make Gautam Gambhir like the player for the 11th season of IPL, Gautam Gambhir is being considered by KKR to be the biggest reason for the KKR team The lack of synergy between both Shahrukh Khan and Gambhir is the lack of synergy between the two, whose biggest example is seen in the last season that the team is serious about playing-11 and Shahrukh There was a difference between Khan.

Apart from this, there are two reasons why Kolkata team management thinks that there is no longer a good captain now. Now the time has come when a new player should be given the opportunity to become a captain and the other reason is that KKR is managing the team management It is known that if he is serious, then he would have to spend 15 crores for it, the management thinks that such a player as serious can be bought by bidding around 10 crores. So then what to spend 5 million and more means, friends made the right decision by written not serious what Kolkata Knight Riders do you think wrong.

Let me tell you that in the last IPL season, a report from Shahrukh Khan came that Dhoni would buy him by selling his own paint. Gambhir had definitely taken Sirius this statement. Wherever serious appears to be of less significance, then after that itself, the serious ones withdraw from that thing.

Gautam Gambhir really did great work to Kolkata Knight Riders. Gautam Gambhir was one of the main reasons behind the new team which was playing with a new energy force. In such a situation, the whole controversy started with the serious side.

It is being said that the dispute between Shah Rukh Khan and the beginning has started in the previous IPL season. In the last season, when the Kolkata Knight Riders were losing in the last quarter, the controversy started. Shahrukh Khan was unable to digest defeat in the semi-finals of the team.

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