Now Madhuri dixit story also came in #MeToo campaign

 Since the #MeToo campaign has run around the world, many of the big names in the country and abroad have made several disclosures. In Hollywood where many actors opened the show against producer Harvey Weinstein. So many actresses in Bollywood also share many things about themselves through social media. Casting couch is known as Rape Culture in the film industry.

In Indian films, the rape-related scenes are normally shown. Even if the films are forced to do rape sequence, it will also be called an exploitation. According to an English website for the time, Bollywood and TV actors, Anu Kapoor, recently disclosed this on a radio station, who would be very shocked to hear. According to Anu Kapoor, how much dancing and dancing girl Madhuri Dixit was forced to do rape sequence. He said on the radio that Madhuri was forced to act in such a way that she could not refuse to do the scene. The director of the movie has so far said that 'rape sequence will happen Let it be said that Anup Kapoor said this on radio in a very light manner, which some people did not like on social media. On Twitter, Zahora Kazmi wrote on her account that on hearing the radio today, Anup Kapoor was very poorly talking about a young girl, she forced Madhuri Dixit to act in 'Rape scene' with actor Ranjit in a film. Talk about being Because the director of the film said in the force that you can not move behind, there will be a rap sequence.

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