What are the people about whom they think they are trying to fix Facebook and that too, the person who thinks that the person has been changed or someone has been captured? The news is that Facebook now has a recipe that if they want to wake up, the same thing will happen around the sleeping public, there will be pictures that capture their thinking. Facebook's one or two friends had become rebellious in the past and they have come to inform that Facebook has also tested their prescription. If the rebels believe they have tried this tool through the tool, they do not even reach the people in the US elections, the words of candidates standing against their favorite chief. They also have a recipe that there is talk of the prosperity of the favorite faces of Facebook, say so many people against the person who says bad things that his talk seems to be false. Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has said that a complete investigation was conducted to ensure that our team is upholding the integrity of the trending news product. Mark Zuckerberg on his Facebook page In the post said that so far he has no such evidence that on the basis of which these reports are considered correct. If we find anything against our principles then it will be corrected. My commitment to you is that we will take additional steps to find out. " Zuckerberg said that in the coming weeks, political people and prominent conservatives will be invited to discuss this issue, on this topic they will be talked together, they can share their views on Facebook. I want to talk directly about Facebook. Every tool designed by us is designed to give a voice to more people and bring the global community together. As long as I'm running this company, this is always our mission. He said that a surface has been created to discuss the most popular news and conversation on trending topics Facebook. Our strict guidelines are that the priority of suppression of our viewpoint or the political perspective on each other is not allowed.

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