Dinosaur Found in Egypt check here for details

Scientists have discovered the new species of dinosaurs in Egypt, one of the world's most ancient countries. Scientists say that these animals were larger than the size of a school bus and were also vegetarian. Along with this, he said that the discovery of this species of dinosaurs is very important in Egyptian territory.  The new species of the world's most dreaded extinct animals dinosaurs is called 'Mnosaurasaurus'. A team of researchers from the Manorosaur University of Egypt have teamed up to discover the remains of this

species. The information about this search has appeared in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution. Hesham Salam, Lead Researcher of the team of researchers, says that these discoveries are quite astonishing for their team members. They got bones of dinosaurs of this species after one.

Salam said that the meeting of this species indicates that there was a connection between the dinosaurs living in the African province and the European

province.   The investigation of these dinosaur bones has shown that they were similar to the dinosaurs found in Europe and Asia. The animals of this species are different from dinosaurs found in South Africa and South America. Scientists say that this proves that Manosaurasaurus was one of the last species of dinosaurs, who had traveled between Africa and Europe. Scientists have believed that dinosaurs living in Africa did not travel anywhere, but the investigation of this new species has proved this thing wrong.

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