Change Bluetooth name in android phone

Changing the name of Bluetooth to new smartphone users has always been a boring task. The process of renaming many users seems so difficult that they do not change the name of Bluetooth itself. But this happens so many times that when you are sharing your data with someone, it takes time to find out the name of your Bluetooth. In this case, you can easily find your own device in someone else's phone by simply changing the name of your Bluetooth. It will save your time as well as the front will be recognized by its name. So let's tell you how to change your Bluetooth name in that easy way.

What's the way:
Press your phone's home button After this you will be on the home screen. First of all go to Settings on your smartphone. After clicking on Settings you will see a lot of options. In these options you will see Bluetooth option. Click on Bluetooth.
After clicking on the Bluetooth option, you will see a new option button on the screen, go to it and click on it. You will also see a lot of options here, but you have to click on the Rename Phone option. After clicking, you will see the name of your phone, by deleting it, you can keep the name of your choice. You can also name your name as Bluetooth


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