America warns Pakistan,and says 'All options' are open to deal with

The US warned today that if Pakistan does not eliminate any concrete action against the Taliban and Haqqani network and their hideouts, then it is keeping 'all the options' open to deal with it. The US has stopped the security assistance of two billion dollars given to Pakistan for failing to take action on terrorist groups, after which he warned.

A senior official of the Trump Administration said, "Apart from curbing security assistance to deal with Pakistan and persuading it to act on Taliban and Haqqani network, America is considering several options." The official said, "Definitely Nobody should doubt the resolution of America to deal with this threat and I would say that all options are open. "Some policy makers Hait House to remove the status of non-NATO ally of Pakistan and asked to create pressure through multilateral institutions like the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations on that.

However, the officer refused to adopt any of these options. He said, "At this time I can not tell about specific steps, but no one should doubt that we are trying to deal with these threats. We are looking at all the options. We hope that we can cooperate with Pakistan, "he said. He said that America wants to take action against the current hideouts of Taliban and Haqqani network and eliminate its ability to attack in Afghanistan.

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