Akshay kumar New king of 100cr club , leave many suparstar behind

Akshay Kumar, who is the owner of 100 crore club, always keeps creating and breaking new records. Akshay Kumar, who gives about 2 hits every year, due to which his demand in Bollywood has increased a lot. In his career, Akshay Kumar has signed up for nearly 8 times in 100 million club and has bagged the title of the second highest 100 million club actors. You please share the article with friends with us and give your thoughts in the comment.

Akshay Kumar has created a storm in Bollywood since last 5 years, due to which the best actors like Shahrukh Khan have lagged behind in 100 crore club. Akshay Kumar has done about 111 films in his career, most of which are not flops. But 111 films are much more than any other actor. In these 111 films, Akshay Kumar has given 15 films super hit, which is more than any other actor in Bollywood. Please follow us and give your comments about Akshay Kumar in our comments.

Most super hit films, considered Bollywood's biggest record, have now become Akshay Kumar's name. The record is made by following the Bollywood emperor Shah Rukh Khan, whose name is the record of 14 superhit films. Please follow us and share the article.

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