Now It will hard to Make fake profile On Facebook

On Facebook, many people make trouble by creating fake accounts. Some men harass people by making an account of the girl. Angel Priya or rename the common name. Now, to prevent such things, Facebook has taken a step which could put bogus accounts on hold.

Facebook fake profile:3rd party Image 
Facebook has begun testing a new feature, under which a few new users in India are being asked to put their name according to the names given on their basis. Although social media giants are not seeking their base number from new users, but they are asking to put names written on the Aadhaar card.

A spokeswoman for Facebook said in a statement on Wednesday, "This is a small test, where we provide additional language for people to open new accounts and they are asked to enter the name of the Aadhaar card so that their friends Identify them easily. " Currently, this message has received very few people, who were using Facebook on mobile. Facebook said, "We want to ensure that people enter their real name, so that they can easily connect with their friends and relatives."

Facebook is raising this step to stop making fake profiles. Facebook has more than 21.7 million users, of which 21.2 million users are active on the smartphone. Facebook has 2.1 billion active monthly users worldwide.

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