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Whatsapp and Facebook Big initiative

If you use Facebook to advertise, now your accessibility will increase. Facebook launched a click-to-WhatsApp App button on its platform. Through this, advertisers can now connect with more than a billion WhatsApp users. Facebook uses more than 2 billion people worldwide.
Facebook and Whatsapp

TechCrunch has confirmed on Thursday that the new 'Click-to-WhatsApp' feature is being rolled out gradually. It has been started from North and South America, Africa, Australia and Asia. TechCrunch has indicated that Europe is not included in this list
Facebook's Product Marketing Manager, Pancham Gajjar made the statement, "Many people doing small business use the WhatsApp app for the conversation.

Whatsapp is a convenient and quick way to communicate with each other. With the addition of a click-to-WhatsApp App button on Facebook ads, it is possible for businesses to reach the information of their product to most people. "Facebook said that more than a million pages have added the WhatsApp number to their posts. .

According to Adweek's report, it is important for businesses to have a Whatsapp number to work with the new feature. As a result, the 'send message' button will be added to Facebook ads with the logo of WhatsApp. And these ads will only be seen by people who have WhatsAppSetup installed on their smartphone. It is important for people to communicate whatsapp numbers as their contact.

After doing so, the Messaging app opens as a default message that users can edit before sending. This feature is like Facebook's click-to-messenger button launched in November last year. Click-to-Messenger Aid was presented on Instagram in May this year.


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