What is Cache memory and Why it is required

Cache memory : Memory beneath Memory 

Cache memory

We all use our smartphone and computer and we often  listen a term called "cache memory" so what is the cache memory whenever your phone gets slow down or get warm so experts asked to clean your cache memory that time , And you will suprise how just cleaning some memory boost your phone performance ? ALSO why it is even required?.

What is cache memory?

In technical language we can sey this is The CPU memory.  you can also see it is RAM memory.  it is the closest memory to the processor so that is why CPU access cache memory much faster than the original RAM memory.  cache memory is situated in a special Chip and then  integrated with CPU this is how its works .

what are the advantages Of cache memory ?

Cache memory collect the instruction which has to be executed so that's why it improve the performance of the processor,  also it provide a quick access to the operating system and its application . cache memory situated in between processor and memory area . 

so let's talk about the working 

Hw cache memory works ?

whenever CPU want  some memory to execute program.  it  always check cache memory first as it has the faster Acess and closer to Processor amongst all the memory.  It is very small in size compared to other memories that is why It is very faster Access Memory.  the access time of cache memory is around 100 nanosecond And the access time of RAM is around 700 nanoseconds . cache memory is very useful when you use your Android smartphone and computer.  It give you faster access to the applications for example if you are using an text editor and your listening a music So the both software instruction are stored in cache memory so if the next time you will play the song or write something it is already stored in cache memory so it improve your performance.

Disadvantages of cache memory 

As I said earlier it is very small in size so it can get full in a very small duration , also it is situated between CPU and memory so if it gets full system start hanging. Due to this phenomena your phone gets slower and hanged. To remove this you can buy a smartphone and a computer which have larger ROM and RAM because the larger of RAM is slower the memory Fills and you can use your device without lagging for a long time

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