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These luxurious bikes started appearing in people's hearts, the price was so low that everyone would want to buy

In today's times, the craze for cars is very much. People have a passion for cars so that can be said. The number of trains that are crazy is the same strange poor cars. In today's time, seeing such such cars, your senses will fly. Today the cars are two wheels or four wheels. There are so many types in it that the beholders are lost in it. On the day that such cars come, everybody thinks this is what we have.

In today's times, car makers are competing with car makers. Today we are telling you about a car that is amazing. By looking at this car you will not understand that it has two wheels or four wheels.

Friends, you may have seen almost all models ranging from ordinary motorcycles to super bikes, but today the model we will show you is a foreign company which is a new two-wheeler. You will be stunned to see

In this new model you will enjoy both bike and car. These bikes will save you from getting wet in the rain and sunlight. Because it's completely covered. The price of this model is only 80000 rupees.

It is good news for buyers who have launched this model in several countries including the launch of a 2-wheeler car in the US. Actually this model looks like a bike but it is better than that. These 2 Wheeler is an electric car, which, once charged, you can run it up to 400 km.


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