Network Problem - Here is the solution

Network problem , want to get rid of it ?

Most of the time the users say that there Internet connection is not working properly or the signal is not showing on the top bar also Network problem arise and whenever this happened they always insult the operators, however the problem could be anything but we have to shift the problem rather than to find the solution so right now I am going to take you to a tutorial how can you recognise and remove if this happened to you first of all if your Tower is showing less strength or Internet is not working at setride this happening to you you can check the following tips To remove Your Network problem in Mobile . 

Possible Reasons of Mobile network problem 

There may be several things or reason of network problem and the first problem is presence of moist on your sim card for black spot or the other possible reason is your sim card get scratched and roaming is also problem where you call and data is not working on the roaming mode even if you're not in the current operator or you are in the diff some different operator then also your mobile network is not work so this thing is due to the network problem so there is no issue with your phone

1. Airplane mode 

How to remove all these problems in the first thing is you can put your phone on airplane mode if you have a SIM tray which is presented outside of your battery for you can remove it directly from outside without switching off your phone you can use this tick too
For this you need to go to the settings or you can find it your notification for various see the sign of an aeroplane you clicked it and it turn on the airplane mode
Second thing if you can force stop your all the network process if you have non removable battery you can simply press the power button for a long time it will force stop your mobile and if you have removable battery then you can simply remove your battery it can cause you that damage on your operating system so better to not to use this trick

2. Clean your Sim 

Clean your sim because after a long uses your sim may contain some dust or moisture with it so with regular two or three months you have to clean your sim card so do you will not face the network problem.

3. search manual network

Search the manual network in manual network if you searching and if you find your operator you can choose it this is the basic of networks you can try this thing you can go to your setting and choose the manual network on it and it start searching and when it find a number of operator you can choose your operator then after selecting it you will see is a problem will be removed

4. Roaming

One of the major problem with the network is when they go to the roaming area where the calls and other network facility won't work pretty good because you are going to some another provider so the services of your sim getting blocked and that time
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