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stay here in this city for 6 months and received 40 lakh

There is a good news for people looking for their dream job. A tourism website is offering 60 thousand dollars (about Rs 40 lakh) jobs to people for just 6 months to stay in Mexico City City Cancun. Candidates selected in this job of the Cancun Experience Officer (CEO) have to promote only city tourism. Apart from this, you have to share your experiences about hotels, restaurants and different travel sites in the city. In addition to salaries, all the expenses of the officer will also be taken into the website while staying in the city. Apply for jobs like this ...

The most important thing about this job is that no experience has been sought from the applicant for this. Meaning no degree or qualification is needed.

However, the appellants must pass certain tasks. Starting in March 2018, these full-time jobs will continue till August 2018.

- In the task first, the applicant has to upload his 1 minute video to the site. In this video they will have to tell their specialty and why they want to do this job.

- After this, 5 best-known videos will be decided with public voting and those five people will be called for an interview in Cancun.

Creating a Tourist Tourist Spot

- According to the website's general manager Chad Merrissson, his aim is to make Cankan the world's favorite tourist spot. They want people from all over the world to come to see the beauty of Cancun.

During the job, the Cankan Experience Officer will have to promote photos of some of the finest and beautiful places of this city, videos and experience on social media, so that people can go to Kanchen's Culture, Hotels and Beaches.


What is net nuterlity and why net nuterlity is Important

In the United States, it has been decided to cancel a law related to Net Nutrition. There are debates about it in many countries of the world. India is also involved in some such countries.

Actually this is an issue that is directly related to the person of every income group in India. Despite this, the common people have not been able to understand more about this issue.

What does 'net nutrality' mean?

Spending engine engine instead of search engine?

In such a situation, if the debate worn around the term like Net Nutrition, Free Internet, Network Equality, and Open Internet can disturb you, then this information can help you.

What is internet neutrality?

Internet neutrality is Internet neutrality, with the same speed for internet users and the idea of ​​having internet available at the same cost.

You can understand this way. For instance, Whatsapp data packs cost 65 rupees and twitter data packs cost 250 rupees.

While using both of the mobile apps, you need the same internet. In such cases, companies can influence the power of your choosing by affecting the availability of the internet by price.

Indeed, net neutrality is the principle under which it is believed that companies providing internet service will give every kind of data on the internet the same status.

These companies, which provide internet service, include telecom operators. These companies should not take separate prices for different data.

Whether that data is for visiting different websites or for other services.

They should neither block any service nor slowdown their speed. It is exactly the same that every kind of traffic is treated the same way on the road.

Road taxes are not levied on cars or different rates of petrol depending on their model or brand from cars.

Against telecom companies

The question arises, why telecom companies are against neutrality of internet networks?

Internet restrictions and hardening in China

They are upset that the new technology has created difficulties for their business. For example, the SMS service has almost killed nearly free apps like Whotsap.

That is why they are trying to charge a higher rate for services which are harming their business and revenue.

However, services like Internet Surfing are being offered at low rates.

Why is Internet nuity?

There is also a question that why Internet neutrality is important to you? There is also a sense of denial that your expenses may increase and options may be limited.

For example, due to internet calling facility like Skype, mobile calls may be affected because they are somewhat cheaper in terms of long distance phone calls.

This was damaging the revenues of telecom service providers.

According to this new reality, instead of conforming themselves, companies have increased data prices wildly for phone calls made on Skype.

There is no revolution of phone calls on the Internet. Airtel had said in 2015 that it would charge a fee of four paise or two rupees per 10kb for internet call from the three-person user. One minute call on the Internet costs about 500 kb of data.

After the flood of criticisms, the company withdrew the increased rates and immediately after this, TRAI released a consultation paper on the question of the neutrality of the Internet.

Arguments against neutrality of the Internet

A strong argument against the Internet's neutrality is that the government should not interfere in the functioning of the open market.

It is also said that in the open market of competing markets, which should provide the best services at the lowest prices, they should win.

There are risks, however, that companies combine to maintain their monopoly, especially in markets where competition is low, such as the market of mobile data.

The second argument for the operators is that they have spent thousands of crores of rupees to set up their own networks, while services like WhatsAppSites, which offer free voice calls in their freebies, are taking advantage of the same networks.

This is harming the business of telecom companies.


Poor country in the world

Based on the gross domestic product, we are telling you about the world's 10 poorest countries. Let us tell you that the most surprising thing is that the value of GDP in all these countries is not personally more than the wealth of the world's richest person, Bill Gates. This means that the total property of Bill Gates is more than the gross domestic product of these countries.
These are the 10 poorest countries in the world
Poor country

1. Haiti

77% of the total population is below the poverty line. 59% of the population earn less than 2.42 dollars per day and 24% of the population are living at less than 1.23 dollars per day. This country has been considered as the poorest country in the world.

2. Equatorial Guinea

76.8% of the population of this country is below the poverty line. Despite being an oil rich country, life expectancy in this country is very low and enrollment rate in primary education is only 56.3%.

3. Zimbabwe

Here, 72% of the population is below the poverty line. And the country is going through the problem of hyperinflation. Here, in 2008, the value of a US dollar went up to four million Zimbabwean dollars.

4. Congo (Democratic Republic)

This country has $ 474 per person gross domestic product and these countries are counted among the poorest countries of Africa's continent. The health level here is very bad. Here, only 112 children of 1000 children are allowed to celebrate their first birthday.

5. Swaziland

In the South of the African continent, this country has the highest AIDS patient in the world.

6. Eritrea

These countries are present in Africa's continent with the Horn of Africa. Namakunnan has the lowest rate in primary school in this country.

7. Madagascar

This island country, situated in the Indian Ocean, is made up of several smaller and smaller islands of Madagascar.

8. Burundi

This country is present at the lowest level in the Human Development Index. It is a land-bound country in East Africa. Here, the infant mortality rate is 88 dead children out of 1000 live births.

9. Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Republic is a poor country in West Africa. Sierra Leone has the highest child mortality rate in the world. Here, 114 babies die every 1000 live births.

10. São Tomé and Príncipe

Officially Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe is a Portuguese-speaking island country in Guinea Bay.

11. Afganistan
As Afaganistan is Landlocked country which suffer from Terrorism and Civil war itself had a very poor position. There is no Food available for the country. Recently India sent a Shipment of Food Via Chabahar Port.


Tiger shroff new look in Baagi 2

Tiger Shroff is the son of Bollywood's most famous actor Jackie Shroff. But nowadays Tiger Shroff has become quite popular in the name of Jackie Shroff. Tiger Shroff has done many Bollywood films, for which the name of Tiger has become very popular. You will be very familiar with the personality of Tiger Shroff. Tiger is known in the Bollywood industry due to its personality and its dancing style.

If Tiger Shroff talks of Baagi movie then it was a wonderful movie that the audience liked very well. Tiger Shroff's people today are not even short of want. Now Tiger is in the news headlines about his forthcoming movie. According to Tiger Shroff, his team and Tiger are seen working hard in bagi movie sequel 2. You know, the rebel movie of Tiger Shroff was a super hit on Hindi box office cinema. Now Tiger Shroff is seen working hard for his forthcoming 'Baagi 2' movie.

Several of its videos have also been released. But today, we see you working hard for Tiger, who is seen tiger for the baagi movie, some of its attractive looks have become viral, which are very fond of Tiger Shroff's fans. 2018 has now reached the brink of arrival and Tiger Shroff's rebel 2 movie is very excited for all the viewers. There is Tiger Shroff's upcoming baagi 2 movie action film as well as martial art film. In this you will find action-filled berths with martial arts, whose viewers are eagerly waiting.
Tiger and Disha in baagi 2

The Baagi movie 2 has been directed by Ahmed Khan. Look at this movie, then in the role of lead actor, Tiger Shroff is seen in this movie. Along with this, his alleged partner direction Patani is also performing as an actress in this movie. These films will be released in all cinemas on April 27, 2018. It is absolutely certain that with the release of Tiger Shroff's   baagi 2 movie, Hindi box office will be tehelka.

Whatsapp and Facebook Big initiative

If you use Facebook to advertise, now your accessibility will increase. Facebook launched a click-to-WhatsApp App button on its platform. Through this, advertisers can now connect with more than a billion WhatsApp users. Facebook uses more than 2 billion people worldwide.
Facebook and Whatsapp

TechCrunch has confirmed on Thursday that the new 'Click-to-WhatsApp' feature is being rolled out gradually. It has been started from North and South America, Africa, Australia and Asia. TechCrunch has indicated that Europe is not included in this list
Facebook's Product Marketing Manager, Pancham Gajjar made the statement, "Many people doing small business use the WhatsApp app for the conversation.

Whatsapp is a convenient and quick way to communicate with each other. With the addition of a click-to-WhatsApp App button on Facebook ads, it is possible for businesses to reach the information of their product to most people. "Facebook said that more than a million pages have added the WhatsApp number to their posts. .

According to Adweek's report, it is important for businesses to have a Whatsapp number to work with the new feature. As a result, the 'send message' button will be added to Facebook ads with the logo of WhatsApp. And these ads will only be seen by people who have WhatsAppSetup installed on their smartphone. It is important for people to communicate whatsapp numbers as their contact.

After doing so, the Messaging app opens as a default message that users can edit before sending. This feature is like Facebook's click-to-messenger button launched in November last year. Click-to-Messenger Aid was presented on Instagram in May this year.

War In Telecom Sector , But user are happy

In the last month of the year, all telecom companies are offering more than one plan for their customers. Introducing cheap data offers, one by one. Under this, Airtel has brought a new prepaid plan for its customers. The customer will get 1 GB data per day in this plan. Along with this there will also be free roaming (incoming and outgoing) with Unlimited Calling and SMS. The validity of this plan will be 70 days. The price of which is 448 rupees.

In addition to Airtel, all companies are offering such plans, in which companies like Reliance Jio, Vodafone and Idea Cellular are also offering a validity of 70 days.

Idea Cellular is giving 1 GB data every day with unlimited calling and SMS for 70 days for 449 rupees. In this way, 70 day plans of these four giants come in the range of Rs 400-460. Here's the plan for the cheapest and Vodafone's plan is the most expensive.

Geo has also introduced a data plan of Rs 399. Whose validity is also 70 days. Similarly, Vodafone is giving 1 GB data per day with Unlimited Calling and SMS for 70 days in 458 rupees.

Indian railway may be give offer like hotel

Indian Railways is also preparing to give discounts on ticket booking on the lines of hotels and aviation companies. Under this, railways can be exempted from tickets like aviation companies and hotels if the train is not fully booked. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on Saturday said this with a signal to improve the flexi fares completely.  Goyal's remarks came after the formation of a six-member committee to review the Flexi rental scheme.  After a one-day conference of senior officials, Goyal said, "Railways are studying the dynamic pricing format of the airline, the airline and the hotels. We are discussing the dynamic pricing policy. But I want to go ahead of it. I am looking for such a possibility that if the train seats are not filled, then the concession should be given in fares like the aviation companies. Of. "    Goyal said, "We will use the expertise of Ashwini Lohani in this like ... there are dynamic pricing in hotels. First of all, the prices decrease ... then the prices rise further, and after a few rooms left on the book My Hotel and others Discounts are offered through websites. "  He also raised the question that why Flexi fares were only for the increase in the price of railway tickets.  Security of women and children will be strengthened: Piyush Goyal Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said that the year 2018 will be dedicated to ensuring the safety of railway passengers especially women and children. For this, CCTV cameras are being installed on all passenger trains and 1,000 railway stations. Which would be possible to monitor them all the time.  The Railway Minister said this at the function of New Railway-New India Vision 2022. In the matter of contact, coordination and communication, strengthening of railway safety, security, along with emphasis on rail conversion. He said that many schemes are being worked on for modernization of railway. The security and safety of the passengers is their highest priority. Rs 500 crore has been given to the Railways from the Nirbhaya Fund. CCTV cameras have been installed at more than 400 stations. While the process of installing cameras at 583 stations is underway. A network of CCTV cameras is being laid at a total of 983 railway stations. Apart from this, it will be installed in all passenger trains. Railway is putting Wi-Fi on trains and stations. Because the CCTV monitoring work in the new system will not be done from the control room in stations and divisions. A central control room will be made for the 68th Division. All the CCTV records will be sent to the Central Control Room. This will enable Railway Protection Force (RPF) to study and exchange information with other security agencies. Goyal said that the morale of the railway employees has to be raised so that they can perform 100 percent better performance. Goyal said that changes in rail land rules are being made. Toilets will be built for slum dwellers along the tracks. Thereby strengthening their security.


Through 70 years of independence electricity has not yet reached the country's forty million households:-Pm

even though 70 years of independence electricity has not yet reached the country's forty million households. Poor are still living the life of 18th century. Therefore, the central government is completely prohibited for lighting the lives of the poor. All these houses will be illuminated through new projects. The Prime Minister was speaking on the occasion of inauguration of the Turiyil hydroelectric power project organized in Assam Rifles Parade Ground of Mizoram, on Saturday.
The Prime Minister launched this 60 MW Turiyil hydroelectric power project on Saturday, in which 250 million units of hydel power generation will be ready. In his address, Prime Minister Modi said that Mizoram has become the third state of the Northeast with self-sufficiency in the field of electricity. After Sikkim and Tripura, Mizoram will also have power to produce consumption. 275 crores has been given by the central government to prepare the infrastructure for power distribution. Whereas 77 crores will be made to build six new sub stations. The Prime Minister said that 11000 houses of the country will be connected to power under the good luck scheme by 2018. He said that in 1998, the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpayee had announced the power project, but its implementation was delayed. His government wants that the Northeast does not only become self-sufficient in the generation of electricity, but also the other states of the country having the production capacity to supply electricity. He informed about providing 10 thousand crore rupees for the increase in power transmission system.
Prime Minister Modi reiterated that original mantra of Atal Bihari Bajpayee in which Bajpai had said that it is necessary for national development to remove regional discrimination. Prime Minister Modi called upon the people of this state of Mizoram, the most literate and least populated country to take advantage of new schemes to move towards self-reliance.
The Prime Minister said that the local youth can develop new industry businesses through the scheme of money scheme, start up stand up etc. He said that as Bhutan has declared itself 100% organic and carbon negatives. In the same way, Mizoram and the North-Eastern States have resolved to develop themselves as 100% Organic and Carbon Negative States by 2022. For this, all the states should work together on shoulders.
He said that by making organic cluster for this, 50 thousand northeast farmers have been added, which are doing organic farming. This government has completely eliminated the requirement of license permit in the field of production and marketing of the same bamboo transport. Now any farmer can sell bamboo production, bamboo movement and bamboo without any license permit NOC.
He informed about the plan to set up Sports University in Imphal and said that there are tremendous trends in sports in all the states of North-East including Mizoram. By winning the Santosh Trophy for the first time in 2014, Mizoram attracted the attention of the world. He called upon the youth of Mizoram to illuminate his name in the world of sports. Sports University will be set up for everyone, whose branch is being prepared to open all branches of the country along with overseas also. He said that work on connecting Aizawl with road and rail is underway. The work of Mizoram-Silchar Rail corridor is being done at a cost of 1385 kms 47000 crores. Also the capitals of all the states of the North-Eastern region will be connected to the rail network. Work on construction of 3800 Kms National Highway and 1200 Kms Road has been planned for Rs. 10000 crores and Rs. 30 thousand crores.
The Prime Minister said that his government has always been serious towards the development of the Northeast states. That is why once in 15 days, no one has assured any central minister to come here. 

millions of money trap in Bitcoins


 After the company's website has been blocked following the impression of the Income Tax Department on the companies that purchase Bitcoin in the country, thousands of accounts of Delhi-NCR and Ghaziabad, including the entire UP, have been blocked. In this case, the digital wallet of people who purchased Bitcoin has also been blocked. It is being told that crores of rupees of such people are trapped in it. 15 people of Delhi have also filed complaints in this regard in the Delhi-based Economic Offenses Wing. It is alleged that the website of Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) has been blocked for 15 days. The company operator has said that everything is fine in 24 hours.  Finance consultant Anuj, Ghaziabad also took a bidcoin from the Hyderabad company. He told that his digital wallet had a costume of about six lakh eighty thousand rupees. On 9th December, they did not receive the money if they wanted to transfer Rs. 3 lakh 80 thousand rupees and transfer the money to their account. After that the website was also closed if it was checked. After this he told his teammates.   

Wapsite after stop 

 Venkatesh, who bought Bitcoin, said that the company's website was not closed before this. Right now the reasons are being pointed out, but since the scams of the Income Tax Department, people are not worried about its inception.

 In year 2 year prices go from 7000 to 14 lakh  

Two years ago, a bitcoin was only 7 thousand rupees. After the ban, its price suddenly came to 36-45 thousand rupees. In September this year, it was priced at Rs 5 lakh, Rs 9.9 million in October and Rs 14 lakh in November.


Big announcement of Aadhar and Bank

We are going to tell you, one of the rules related to Aadhaar card, which nobody will tell you about. Know the big job.

Adhar linking is mandatory with bank

The basis was necessary for opening bank accounts so far, but now the Aadhaar card has been made necessary to close the bank account. Lead Bank Officer GS Malhotra has called upon the account holders to link their bank account number to the earliest. There are 270 branches of all banks in Fatehabad district, of which around three lakh accounts are operated.

According to RBI guidelines, it is necessary to deposit the Aadhaar number in bank account for bank account till 31st March. If this is not done, the bank can freeze such accounts and it is possible that it can be difficult to activate the freeze accounts without the permission of the Reserve Bank of the Income Tax Department. In this case, it would be better for all consumers to link to their bank account basis.

According to the sources of income tax and lead bank, special accounts are being monitored on public accounts since the ban on bondage. In fact, after the year 2014, thousands of people's public funds were opened in Fatehabad district on Zero Balance. But for the next one year, most of these accounts did not have any transactions.After declaration of banknotes in November last year, the money started accumulating in these accounts. After that, the Income Tax Department also got noticed on Jananan accounts.


Huge Hanuman will be airlifted!

Omprakash Mehra's movie Delhi-6 had felicitated the 'Big Dale Hanumanji'. Since being shown in that film, of 108 feet high statue of Hanumanji standing in Jhandevallan had increased and he started to appear in TV serials and films. But, in the last one month, TV shows and films teams are more busy than ever before in shooting. The reason is - the order of the Delhi High Court, under which the local administration has been asked to consider the auspiciousness of the Hanuman idol from there. The reason for this order of the court is the removal of encroachment around the idol but it has no effect. The cost of shooting upside-down Murthy has been increased.
To take a perfect shot together with the statue and the metro, the camera has to set it on the roof of the nearby building. Line providers and photographer said that now double money is taken for the shooting. He said, for the first videography where 5 to 7 thousand rupees were used for the whole day, now 11 to 15 thousand rupees are sought. If you need a roof for just 2 hours for a perfect shot, you still have to spend 11000 rupees.

For the perfect shot, the roofs of three buildings are usually chosen. These are: Federal Bank Buildings Hotel Ridge Medens (Hanumanji, seen in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, was shot right here) and Hotel Alaska. Since the suggestion of the High Court to be airlifted to Hanumanji, those who had planned to shoot months later, they are trying to do this work as soon as possible and are reaching for the shoot. Line Producer Jamal Rao says, "This is the best place to shoot in Delhi. Now when this idol is in the church, the owners of large buildings are trying to earn more and more profits by increasing the rent. First Jamal had made a deal for shooting at a rent of Rs 7,000, but now he is asking for 10,000 rupees.
Panwale, who sat outside the Federal Bank Building, said, "Here film crews always appear. In addition to the shooting teams, almost 10 teams are always available here for Reiki. I often ask them to contact the owners of the buildings. '
A staff member at Hotel Ridge Maiden said, "For rent fatigraphy, there is a rent of Rs 5100 and Rs 11,000 for videography." One source said that till last month, for all types of shoots the rent of 5100 rupees was taken for the entire day.

These luxurious bikes started appearing in people's hearts, the price was so low that everyone would want to buy

In today's times, the craze for cars is very much. People have a passion for cars so that can be said. The number of trains that are crazy is the same strange poor cars. In today's time, seeing such such cars, your senses will fly. Today the cars are two wheels or four wheels. There are so many types in it that the beholders are lost in it. On the day that such cars come, everybody thinks this is what we have.

In today's times, car makers are competing with car makers. Today we are telling you about a car that is amazing. By looking at this car you will not understand that it has two wheels or four wheels.

Friends, you may have seen almost all models ranging from ordinary motorcycles to super bikes, but today the model we will show you is a foreign company which is a new two-wheeler. You will be stunned to see

In this new model you will enjoy both bike and car. These bikes will save you from getting wet in the rain and sunlight. Because it's completely covered. The price of this model is only 80000 rupees.

It is good news for buyers who have launched this model in several countries including the launch of a 2-wheeler car in the US. Actually this model looks like a bike but it is better than that. These 2 Wheeler is an electric car, which, once charged, you can run it up to 400 km.


WhatsApp introduce new features

The most widely used instant messaging app in the world, WhatsApp is coming up with some new features which can be quite interesting. These features will be given to Android, iPhone and Web users. These features include tap to unblock, shake to report, private reply group and some other new options. Recently video in Picture mode has been given in WhatsApp, under which video can be seen in chat itself.

According to WA Betinfo, these features have already been given in beta version of Whatatsapp. According to reports, the two new features - Private Reply and Picture in Picture mode - were given in the What's Web Web version 2.7315. While the version 2.17.425, 2.17.436 and 2.17.437 will feature three new features Tap to Unlock, Shake to Report and New Invite Link option.

Some of these features that are available on the Web may take some time to arrive in the Whatsapp app. But it is clear that these features will be found in the Whatsapp app. However, WhatsApp has not announced any such features.

What's special in new features

Private reply

You can reply to the private message of any person from a message group of WhatsApp users. Although it can still be done, but there is no special option, you can make private messages by selecting it. You can make private messages without leaving the chat window under this feature. Apart from this, there is a multitasking feature through which you can watch YouTube videos during chat.

In the coming days, if you have any problem on whatsapp or if there is any problem in using it, you can use the shake feature. Only by shaking, you can complain about that problem from the WhatsApp app.

Apart from all these features, there is a group calling feature in WhatsAppSet. According to the report, Admin Settings will add a new tab to the WhatsApp app where two options include Gondo, Send Message and Edit Group Info.

Now you can't see friends Activity on Facebook

Social media platforms are constantly changing in Facebook, so that user engagement continues to grow. At the moment, Facebook has a feature called Ticker which is probably going to end. According to the report, the company will remove this ticker feature and make some new changes. This ticker feature tells you the activity of your friends. For example, who is wearing a picture of whose girlfriend is being featured in the freelance list or what comments are being made?
FB ticker feature

What is the FB ticker

According to TechCrunch's report, this report is coming in the days when the users complained of not seeing a ticker in the last few weeks. In addition, when asked about this question in Facebook Help Community, the Verify Member said that this feature is no longer available. However, the answer to this question has now been blocked.

At present, the company has not made it clear why it is being removed. But it is expected that the company will bring a new feature in its place. Many times Facebook removes such features that are not used much.

The Facebook ticker feature was disliked by people, because they do not like their friends who know who they are photographing or where they are commenting. This feature was started by the company in 2011 which saw the activity of friends.

At the moment, Facebook has not officially announced the end of this feature, but if this is happening then surely it will be like the good news for most people. But stalkers are those social media that they use to monitor others. It is a bit difficult for them.


Idea also introduced 84 days plan ,To counter Reliance Jio

To counter Reliance Jio, Idea has also launched a burglary prepaid plan. On the lines of Reliance Geo's 84-day unlimited plan, Idea has launched its plan. In this, you will get 100 free SMS in addition to 1 GB 3G data, Unlimited Local, STD, Free Roaming Outgoing. The price of this pack is 509 rupees. With this plan, Idea's effort is to match Airtel and Vodafone's plans. Prior to this, Vodafone and Airtel have also launched long validity prepaid plans.
Comparison with existing recharge plans, it is contested by Reliance Jio's Rs 459 pack. In this pack of live, free calls with validity of 84 days and everyday SMS gets access to the live app. In such a way, Reliance Jio's plan is still cheaper than Idea. Although Reliance Jio has a pack of 509 rupees but its validity is only 49 days. But you get 2 GB per day data. In addition, other facilities of Geo is also available in this. By the way, this plan is equivalent to Airtel and Vodafone plans. Both the plans are also worth Rs 509. Customers get 1 GB 4G data everyday, unlimited local and STD calls, free roaming outgoing and 100 SMS. The validity of this pack is 84 days.
Earlier this week Idea launched a new pack, in which customers will get 50 percent additional data. The company has offered this offer with a plan of 198 rupees. This offer will now be available to the customers of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh Circle. Let us know that Idea launched this Pla for its prepaid customers in October. In this, customers received 1 GB data for 28 days, which increased the company to 1.5 GB. That is, 500 MB additional data User, who recharged from the Idea website or MyIdia app, will get 1 GB extra data from the company. So the total data will be 2.5 GB.

In Kerela, Drinking is Probhited under 23

In Kerela, Drinking is Probhited under 23 

Thiruvananthapuram (EMS) The Left Democratic Front of Kerala has decided to increase the minimum drinking age on Wednesday. At first it was 21 years, it was extended to 23 years.

According to the news, the CPM-led government has done all the preparations for bringing an ordinance for it and for necessary amendments in Excise Act. This decision was taken in the Cabinet meeting chaired by CM Pinarai Vijayan. In an official release it was said that the proposal has been sent to Governor P. Sadasivam for issuing the ordinance.

During the 2016 assembly elections, the LDF promised to increase the minimum drinking age. In June this year, the Kerala government had decided to open three barbed rooms and above bars and hotels under its new liquor policy. On July 1, these hotels were allowed to tie in. Earlier, the UDF government had closed 712 times in its 10 years under its policy of complete prohibition. Most of these were closed in beer and wine parlors. Commenting on the criticism of this new policy, CM Pinarai Vijayan said that LDF had clarified in its election manifesto that they are in favor of partial restriction rather than complete prohibition.

Supreme Court order preserve Taj Mahal for next 400 years

The Supreme Court on Friday asked the Uttar Pradesh government to create a comprehensive plan to safeguard the environment and its surroundings in the Taj Mahal and keep it for the next four hundred years, not for one generation. This directive was given by the bench of Justice Madan B.Lokur and Justice Deepak Gupta. With this, the bench also termed the steps taken by the Uttar Pradesh government to be taken as 'ad hoc' for the conservation of the Taj Mahal and its surrounding environment.    The state government said that it has asked to make plans with the School of Planning and Architecture, but the court said that in this scheme experts of culture, history, archeology and other areas should also be included.    Additional Solicitor General Tushar Mehta urged the bench to advise the petitioner MC Mehta and advocate ADN Rao, instead of experts, because Mehta has 33 years of experience in environmental matters. On this, the court said, "How can you keep the people of the country from planning (planning). This (planning) can not be in closed room."    The bench said that the monument should be protected not just for one generation but for the next 300 to 400 years. In response to the arguments of Tushar Mehta, the court said that there is no need to plan a bureaucratic plan but to make a comprehensive plan. there's no rush. An interim report can be given right now. What you need to make, it will last for four hundred years.    Pointing towards the fact that seventy percent of the plants that were planted have been destroyed, the court said, "If you do not have any plans and you take such ad hoc measures, then such things happen." "

Free wifi

To connect the youth with skill development and to make available the benefits of government schemes to the villagers online, the government provides free WiFrai in the villages. Will facilitate. For this, the work of establishing RF Tower at six Panchayat Samiti headquarters of the district has started. The State Government had announced to make free WiFi available in villages in the last year's budget announcement. Under this, provision has been made to provide Internet facility in ten kilometer area of ​​Panchayat through wifi by installing RF Tower at Atal Seva Kendras of Panchayat Headquarters. Under this, in the first phase, to start the tower at Karauli, Mandril, Sapotra, Hindoncity, Nadati and Tondabhim Panchayat headquarters. In the second phase, 227 Atal Seva Kendras of Panchayat Headquarters will be connected to the wifi service. Here, Rohit Sharme Meena, Deputy Director, Information and Technology Department said that the Panchayat Samiti has started the work of establishing RF tower at the headquarters. People will get the benefit of WiFi facility soon within 10 kilometers of the radius. Students and employees will get benefit Internet service will be provided free of cost in government colleges, ITIs, technical education institutes, various government offices, hospitals and government high schools. After applying RF tower in the Panchayat committee premises, a box will be installed in the concerned office, through which the internet service will get benefit. The benefit of this service will be available within a radius of ten kilometers. More than 4G Speed According to the information, WiFi service will be provided through Rajsawan. For this, the OFC line will be inserted to link related offices. Due to this, the speed of the 4G service will get Internet service. At present, 3G service is not available in different locations, including Karauli. Through this internet service, students of college and school can take advantage of skill development plans while taking education, education related information. Similarly, rural applications will be made online. To prepare the letter Will not be needed.


Country which have only 33 people

Molossia : Country which have least number of population

All the countries in the world have different protocols. If India speaks of it, the Prime Minister or the President is given various types of protection under the protocol. They provide security agencies, semi-military forces, CISF, NSG commandos, police security. With this, a bullet proof carriage is also given to the President and the Prime Minister. 

Whenever they go on a trip abroad and abroad, the whole team goes along with them. It means that the complete frills of security are always with them. Apart from this, there is a lot of pressure on the security personnel about leaders and ministers. But today we are going to tell you about a country where the president alone wanders on the road. There is no security frustration with him. Surprisingly, the total population of this country is 33.

The name of this strange-poor country is Molossia. This country is located in Nevada, United States of America. The most interesting thing is that this country is self-absorbed. The story of Molosia is that in the year 1977, Kevin Bogle and his friend, living here, got the idea of ​​creating a new country other than the United States. After that, Bogle and friends together formed the foundation of a country named Molossia. 

Since then, Kevin Baugh is the President of this country. He declared himself the dictator of this country. His wife holds the status of the first woman in the country. Most of the citizens living in this country are related to Kevin, although this country has not yet got recognition from any government in the world.
In this country there are many facilities other than stores, library, cremation grounds, and other countries. Molossia has its own law, tradition and currency as in other countries.

India has achieved a major breakthrough in the preparation of laser weapon capability

India has achieved a major breakthrough in the preparation of laser weapon capability. The country's efforts to develop Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) have painted the country's efforts. These weapons have the power to destroy the war before the start of the war. This is not exactly what we have seen in Star Wars Films or Flash Gordon Comics decades ago. However, DEW is such a powerful laser that can eliminate enemy missiles, aircraft and electronic circuits, based on specific weapons.
The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has successfully tested the laser system installed on the truck. The DRDO plan is now to create more range and more powerful laser. People with this development have given this information to ET. Private companies like Kalyani Group and Rolls-Royce are also exploring the possibility of developing or developing DEW in the country.
DEWs are weapons that produce beam of concentrated electromagnetic energy. DEWs are mainly of two types: high powered lasers and microwaves. DEWs also harm humans as they can cause unbearable heat in some part of the body and their person can also be blind. They are anti-material and can be used to destroy missiles, ships, UAVs and other equipment.
However, information is not available on whether India is developing microwave weapons, but the DRDO tested the 1 KV laser weapon system on the truck in August at Chitradurga in Karnataka. An official said, 'Laser beam has hit the target 250 meters away. It took only 36 seconds to break the metal sheet. ' He said that the test was done in the presence of Defense Minister Arun Jaitley. The next step is to test the power of the laser with more power. It will be a 2 KV laser mounted on a truck and it will be targeted at a metal sheet located 1 kilometer away.
Officers told that two Laboratories of DRDO - Center for High Energy Systems and Sciences and Laser Science and Technology Center - are working on developing sources for generating lasers. Now the source of laser has been imported from Germany. Other challenges include developing cooling mechanisms for the system. The system gets heated when firing laser beams. Apart from this, there are also challenges to ensuring focused beam towards Targeted and Optoelectronics. The official said, "Weapon is not ready and it will take a long time."


Modi government is bringing new law FDR Bills

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The central government is bringing a bill which, if passed, then there is a danger of your right to be fined on deposited deposits in your bank. If the bank becomes insolvent, it may be that you can not withdraw the millions of money deposited in that bank yourself.
The draft of the Financial Resolutions and Deposit Insurance (FDI) Bill-2007 is ready. It can be kept in Parliament in this winter session and if this bill is passed then many things will change for you along with the banking system. The biggest question is about your money kept in banks. This bill empowers the bank to refuse to return your deposits in the event of its financial condition deterioration and instead give you securities or shares.
What is the FDR Bills
The Financial Resolutions and Deposit Insurance Bill (FDRI Bill) is designed to deal with the bankruptcy of financial institutions. Whenever a bank will not be able to do its business and it will not be able to return the deposits of the common people, then it will help to raise that bank from this crisis. The FDR Bill In the event of bankruptcy of any bank, insurer and other financial institutions, this law is being brought in to bring it out of this crisis.

Google announce New Version : Oreo Go

New Android Version Oreo Go for Low end device

Google has launched the new version of Orion Android Go. The company has specially designed it for low end devices. The company said that it has been designed so that it can work comfortably on a device with 512MB or 1GB of RAM. This will not make it difficult to hang on Android phones.

Android Oreo Go

At present, this version has been introduced only for the manufacturers and developers, but it will be made available to everyone soon.

This version, launched on November 5, will be easy to search for files and apps. In addition, Google Assistant will also work with less data.

There will also be two-wheeler mode on the map in this Go Edition of Android. Unlike the rest of the navigation, it will show slim lanes and shortcuts for bikes and scooters. Together with GoAdition you will also include YouTube Go, Play Store and Chrome's Low Data Editions.

Google said that 1,000 photos can be stored with an optimization device. The device that runs on OrioGo will have 15% faster startup time. You will also get security features in this app. Google Assistant, Gmail, Chrome, Search, Maps, YouTube and GeeGo Go Versions will be preloaded in all OrioGo devices.

Do you the real cost of Iphone x

Manufacturing Price of Iphone X

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The lowest storage variant of iPhone X has been lowered to Rs. 89000 in the 64GB market. Do you know the actual cost of this phone introduced on September 12? Everyone wants to take the iPhone but because of the budget many people do not buy the iPhone. Industry analysts in China investigated how much each part of the iPhone X costs. They know the total cost of the iPhone X You may be surprised to know that the total cost of the iPhone X is 412.75 dollars i.e. around 35000 rupees, i.e. 60 percent less than the retail price.

What is the price of parts of the iPhone X:

The most expensive part of iPhone X is its display. Its 5.8-inch OLED panel, built by Samsung, is $ 80. The price of its display is much more expensive than any other part. The price of NAND memory for 256GB is $ 45. At the same time, RAM costs its half, i.e. just $ 24.
Apple had announced the bionic chipset on its new iPhone. It is made by TSMC on their 10nm process technology. Its chipset price is $ 26. The Qualcomm modem used on this is worth $ 18 and above.
The cost of Apple iPhone X production is estimated at $ 412.75. Its 3D sensor is also expensive. Its price is $ 25. It is placed behind the front panel glass, which is $ 18.
If the cost of all the parts is added, then the price of this model of the iPhone will not be as high as the end price. But the cost of manufacturing, logistics and R & D is not included in this price.

Google launches 'All in one' app ,Google go

Google go app is launched

Google recently made some announcements in its Google Event for its event organized in Delhi. At this event, Google has launched All In One Google Go App for low-priced and priced smartphones. These apps are very helpful for those who prefer to use low-cost smartphones. In Google Go app, search, voice search, gif, YouTube, translate and other Google services such as Maps and Search Bar are available in one place and users can use them without any hassle.

Google has introduced Go Editions of Google Android Oreo to this event in India. This is an optimized version of Android 8.0 Oreo. This will be very helpful for those who want to use low-RAM smartphones. Google says, consumers who are using 512MB to 1GB of RAM, they will be able to use this Go Edition in a good way.
The Google Go app Google's latest OS also includes a set of pre-installed apps that will have many apps from Google. The name of this app will be Google Go. The Google Go App has become available in Play Store in Indonesia in India. In addition to Google's service in the Google Go app, apps like Facebook, Cribbuzz and Instagram will also be available.
Due to pre-install of these apps, users will not have to download them separately and they will also work on smartphones with low RAM and storage. The Google Go app size is less than 5 MB and it consume only 40 percent less data.
In addition to Go App, the Files Go app is launched at this event. These apps will have pre installed in all Go Editions. Through this app you will find features like freeing up space in the phone, finding file transfers and sharing offline files, deleting heavy files and deleting files in just two tapes.


Linking Aadhar with Phone is easy

How to link aadhar with Phone number


Linking adhar with Mobile number , Account and PAN is mandatory, If you have not yet linked your mobile number to the Aadhar then you should link it without delay, but now you do not have to go to the operator for this, but you can make a sit-down link at your home. The Central Government has now changed the rules for linking Aadhaar card with mobile number. Now users will have to take help of sitting OTP sitting instead of going anywhere to link their mobile number to the Aadhar.

You need to call 14546 from your registered mobile number. After calling this number, you need to enter your Aadhaar number on the IVR system. If your mobile number and Aadhar number match, your number will get a one-time password. You must use this OTP in the IVR system, so that your mobile number will be validated. With the completion of this process, your mobile number will be linked to the Aadhar. But for this You must  have the same number on which you give at Aadhar making . If you don't have the number , you can fill a simple form On aadhar kendra for changing the Number and Link with aadhar.

Let us know that the Central Government has ordered all users from all over the country to link their mobile number to the Aadhar till 6th February 2018. If you have the mobile number linked to the Aadhar within the fixed limit, then your number will be closed.

Jugaad Power of India

Indian Jugaad Knowns as innovation

Indian jugaad

India is really a Talent hub , if someone Admires. Talent wanders in the streets here. If we get the right opportunity, Indian will be at the forefront. From Bottle's Chappal to Scooter Which crush Tomatoes. The massive Labour majority country have large amount of Street Engineer . Even a graduate can faint after they see thier art work

Talking of a similar charisma where an Indian showed that the engineers from all over the world were keen on achieving their achievements but failed to achieve success.

A village named Gudari comes under Kaushambi in Uttar Pradesh. Vivek Kumar Patel, a resident of the city, was engaged in trying to evolve the technology to increase the bike's average over the long run. In the end, they got success They have found a technique that will increase the average of motorcycles. According to Vivek Kumar, with the technique of this, the average weight of that bike will be 150 kilometer per liter, which gives an average of 50-60.
The most important thing about Vivek Kumar's technique is that he is available on very cheap fear. According to Vivek Kumar, the motor cycle will cost only Rs 500. In fact, Vivek will make changes in the carburetor, after which oil consumption will be done. Media reports claim that Vivek tamper with the settings of the carburetor and that is why they have got success too.
According to media reports, Uttar Pradesh Council has done its testing with the Mechanical Engineering Department of Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, to technically certify Innovation of Vivek Jugaad. According to media reports, the technique was found to be correct in the investigation.

The new railway scheme, after the trip, you can get the full money back of the ticket!

Railways have started a new scheme to promote cashless ticketing. At the same time, the government is constantly taking steps to increase digital transaction. Now you can book rail tickets from Bhim App in the new railway scheme. You will not need to have a debit or credit card in it. To book tickets from Bhim App, you have to download it in your phone. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free. Railways are offering many types of offers on booking. In this, there is a free travel service.
How to get free fun of traveling
Indian Railways introduced the Lucky Draw Scheme from October 1. This scheme runs according to every month. In this, Bhim and the UPI give an opportunity to travel freely on the payment of the app. However, there are some terms and conditions in it. Under this scheme, 5 people get a free ride every month. Five Lucky winners will be selected from Bhim and the UPi app payers. This election will be done through computer, the people who will be the winners in this, the Railways will refund their ticket booking money. In this way their journey will be free.
Gain every month
This railway scheme will run till March 31. One condition of the scheme is that after booking the ticket from the app you will have to travel in the month of the lucky draw in which you have to travel. If the cancellation has been canceled after booking the ticket, then you will not be able to take advantage of it. The names of those who win the Lucky Draw each month are being shown on the IRCTC website. The winner is also being emailed.
Payment from Bhim App
Download the Bhima app in your smartphone. After this, link it to your bank account. Then pay the ticket booking through Bhim App.
Will not look any fees
You do not have to pay any other fees when paying with Bhim App. Your bank can take the UPI and IMPS fees. It does not have to be the net banking facility to use it. Only the mobile number of the user should be registered in the bank.


What is Cache memory and Why it is required

Cache memory : Memory beneath Memory 

Cache memory

We all use our smartphone and computer and we often  listen a term called "cache memory" so what is the cache memory whenever your phone gets slow down or get warm so experts asked to clean your cache memory that time , And you will suprise how just cleaning some memory boost your phone performance ? ALSO why it is even required?.

What is cache memory?

In technical language we can sey this is The CPU memory.  you can also see it is RAM memory.  it is the closest memory to the processor so that is why CPU access cache memory much faster than the original RAM memory.  cache memory is situated in a special Chip and then  integrated with CPU this is how its works .

what are the advantages Of cache memory ?

Cache memory collect the instruction which has to be executed so that's why it improve the performance of the processor,  also it provide a quick access to the operating system and its application . cache memory situated in between processor and memory area . 

so let's talk about the working 

Hw cache memory works ?

whenever CPU want  some memory to execute program.  it  always check cache memory first as it has the faster Acess and closer to Processor amongst all the memory.  It is very small in size compared to other memories that is why It is very faster Access Memory.  the access time of cache memory is around 100 nanosecond And the access time of RAM is around 700 nanoseconds . cache memory is very useful when you use your Android smartphone and computer.  It give you faster access to the applications for example if you are using an text editor and your listening a music So the both software instruction are stored in cache memory so if the next time you will play the song or write something it is already stored in cache memory so it improve your performance.

Disadvantages of cache memory 

As I said earlier it is very small in size so it can get full in a very small duration , also it is situated between CPU and memory so if it gets full system start hanging. Due to this phenomena your phone gets slower and hanged. To remove this you can buy a smartphone and a computer which have larger ROM and RAM because the larger of RAM is slower the memory Fills and you can use your device without lagging for a long time

Top 5 Mueseum of India

Top Mueseum in India

Everyone loves to go Museum just passing the art and historical things so you can learn it from those things which improve your knowledge also the museums helps you to understand your culture so right now we are presenting you to the 5 most viewed museum in India

Victoria Memorial Hall , Kolkata , West Bengal
Victoria hall , Kolkaya 

 it is situated in the heart of Kolkata it is a great Museum it is built In remembrance of Queen Victoria and later on it is shifted to cultural Mantralaya which comes under Indian government in this Museum you will see the Grand and beautiful architecture which Catch your eyes it and close the whole history in a Cell

City Palace of Jaipur , Rajasthan
City place of jaipur 

 In year 1729 217 32 Maharaja Sawai Jaisingh built that for which is very famous in Jaipur city will also Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal in which the Mubarak Mahal is very famous for their Royalallity ans converted to Mueseum . One should go their at their are varitey of Weapons and Historical Warfare.

Bagore Ki Haveli , Udaipur , Rajasthan

Bagore ki haveli

 It is situated in Ganga Ghat Bagore Ki Haveli from 18th century amirchand Baba built it at have nothing on 38 rooms it is a Museum and Cultural Centre in it in this Museum you will find the cultural and religious folks you just can't miss their religious or regional folk dance

Yoddha sthal ,Bhopal, Madhyapradesh

Yoddha sthal

It is widely famoused for The warfare used by Indian army. It is very famous in bhopal. It is situated in A very beautiful park Which tells stories of Various Army fight. The main thing here is Prekshagrah , which arrange audio visual stories on Indian army .

Hall of Fame,  Leh,  Jammu and Kashmir

Hall of fame  of Leh

It is built in summarised of those Indian soldiers who fight for our country and die however the maintenance is doing by the Indian Army itself people remember those fighter come in this Museum there only two floors in that museum where belongings of those Army Soldiers who died in War II placed in that museum I feel very patriotic if you go look at museum

Avenger Infinity war trailer got viral

Marvel Infinty War trailer 
In just 24 hours the trailer of this film had seen more than 23 million people.
Along with this, it has become the most watched trailer. These figures are clear that the film is going to be a big hit at the box office. It has been clarified in the trailer that superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Hulk will once again be able to save the world. The film is about to be thrilled.

Even if you know that Avengers has fan follow-all over the world, this movie is made under the Marvel Studios banner, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland, Chris Prat Joe. And the rest cast shared on its social media account. The biggest thing of the Avengers is that all the series of the film is happening big hits
This series of Marvel Studios is also a super hit in India. This time, these superheroes compete with powerful Thanos. His aim is to destroy the Universe.


This temple disappears twice a day, know how it is seen

It is strange to hear but it is true that today we are talking about this unique temple of Gujarat. You have a famous temple in India and there is some food in every temple. This temple of Kavikamboi Gaw is a unique feature in Jambusar tehsil, located 85 km from Vadodara in Gujarat. The temple is situated on the banks of the Cambay, between the Arabian Sea. This temple disappears twice a day in the sea.

This temple is of the name of Lord Shiva and it is very difficult for two hours a day in the morning and in the evening, and after a while it comes back to the same place. This is due to the rising tide in the sea and due to this you can also see Shivling in the temple, when the tide is low in the sea. Specially the pamphlets are distributed to the pilgrims coming here, in which the time of the arrival of tide has to be written so that devotees do not face any problem.

This temple was discovered almost 150 years ago. Shivaling in the temple is 4 feet high and 2 feet in diameter. If you want to see such an unseen sight, then you can also go to visit this temple.

Now Storytail is launching in India, download app and listen to audiobooks

Now Storytail  is  launching in India

AudiBox's leading platform Storyteller in Europe is now launching its services in India as well. Users of Storytelling's streaming service can listen to unlimited audiobooks by downloading an app on their mobile phone. This is the first audio books subscription service to focus on Indian languages.
Storytarget aims to increase its growth while sharing the audio book industry in India. The increasing number of smartphones in India, the rapid rise of mobile broadband access to the remote and the popular rise of subscription-based services have created the atmosphere in which people have increased the ardor to reach more stories.
In India, Storytires is starting English, Hindi and Marathi. During the launch, more than 500 books will be on platforms, including 230 Marathi, 115 Hindi and 60 AudioBooks of English. Apart from this, a few select ebooks will also be on platform. At the time of launch, classic "Deadjay" in Marathi and "Rag Darbari" in Hindi will also be included in the catalog.
Storytail started service in 2005 and so far 27 million people have heard audiobooks on its platform. The Storytail App works with every kind of smartphone and has the ability to listen offline without internet connection.


Network Problem - Here is the solution

Network problem , want to get rid of it ?

Most of the time the users say that there Internet connection is not working properly or the signal is not showing on the top bar also Network problem arise and whenever this happened they always insult the operators, however the problem could be anything but we have to shift the problem rather than to find the solution so right now I am going to take you to a tutorial how can you recognise and remove if this happened to you first of all if your Tower is showing less strength or Internet is not working at setride this happening to you you can check the following tips To remove Your Network problem in Mobile . 

Possible Reasons of Mobile network problem 

There may be several things or reason of network problem and the first problem is presence of moist on your sim card for black spot or the other possible reason is your sim card get scratched and roaming is also problem where you call and data is not working on the roaming mode even if you're not in the current operator or you are in the diff some different operator then also your mobile network is not work so this thing is due to the network problem so there is no issue with your phone

1. Airplane mode 

How to remove all these problems in the first thing is you can put your phone on airplane mode if you have a SIM tray which is presented outside of your battery for you can remove it directly from outside without switching off your phone you can use this tick too
For this you need to go to the settings or you can find it your notification for various see the sign of an aeroplane you clicked it and it turn on the airplane mode
Second thing if you can force stop your all the network process if you have non removable battery you can simply press the power button for a long time it will force stop your mobile and if you have removable battery then you can simply remove your battery it can cause you that damage on your operating system so better to not to use this trick

2. Clean your Sim 

Clean your sim because after a long uses your sim may contain some dust or moisture with it so with regular two or three months you have to clean your sim card so do you will not face the network problem.

3. search manual network

Search the manual network in manual network if you searching and if you find your operator you can choose it this is the basic of networks you can try this thing you can go to your setting and choose the manual network on it and it start searching and when it find a number of operator you can choose your operator then after selecting it you will see is a problem will be removed

4. Roaming

One of the major problem with the network is when they go to the roaming area where the calls and other network facility won't work pretty good because you are going to some another provider so the services of your sim getting blocked and that time